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GTA VI Officially Announced by Rockstar

Lastly, the moment was lit, which every gamer was waiting for many days. And it belongs to title GTA which is the biggest and popular gaming franchise of Rockstar games. So today we are going to talk about the upcoming GTA game, so let’s start.

This GTA’s upcoming game may be the biggest game of this decade. And when this game is launched, it will wreak havoc. There was a lot of news and gossip about GTA 6 for many days which had no confirmation, but now official information has been given about GTA’s Upcoming Game from Rockstar.

rockstar has shared the GTA’s Upcoming Game details with Kotaku which is a very big gaming blog. Which we are going to discuss today.

Today we are going to talk about those 7 points which rockstar has shared with Kotaku. Now the name of GTA 6 has not been taken by Rockstar in this interview as it has been promoted as the next GTA in the interview, then we cannot say that the name of the upcoming GTA game will be GTA 6.

1. This game is still on the early development stage, so there is no question of releasing this game. Because the development of this game has just started, the game will take a lot of time to come.

2. Right now the whole rockstar is engaged in developing this game means that all the branches and offices in the world of rockstar are all working on this project, whether it is brunch London, US or India.

3. This point is very critical and since Red Dead redemption, this point is getting more emphasis from the game developer and from the game fans. The point was that the working environment inside the rockstar studio is very harsh because there was too much work done by the employee and too much overtime also. Overtime money was available, but it was a very tight schedule. At the end of it, there was a lot of pressure on the developers, due to which many developers left the job. At this point, rockstar is very much focused on working in this project in such a way that there is not much pressure in the end and there is a smooth launching of the game.

4. It was an important and major point as it was discussed about the release date of the game. It was said that about this, you will get to see the teaser type trailer or official game page or website in late 2021 from the official Rockstar game. And the release date of the game can be either 2022 or 2023, so this game is far away and you will have to play GTA 5 right now.

5. During this discussion, the name of the game was not even spoken on GTA 6. It was told in the discussion that this is the next Big GTA game and its official name has not been mentioned yet. It is also possible that like GTA Vicecity and GTA Sanadreas, the name of this upcoming game is also related to the city, we will come to know about it later.

6. It was noted by Kotaku that no city was talked about in this discussion. Sanadreas, Vicecity and liberty city have not mentioned anything about any of these three cities from Rockstar. So it can happen that this game is based on one of these three cities, or it may be that in this game it will be all three cities.

7. The last most important thing was said by Rockstar that this game will be moderately sized which means that you will not get the whole game when the game is launched. This point is very interesting. It was discussed from Rockstar games that this game will be further extended after the game is launched. After the launch, updates in this game will keep coming and due to which the map will continue to get bigger and maybe even episodes of the game will be launched.

So these were some points that have been officially confirmed by rockstar. Apart from this, whatever news is there are just rumors.

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