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Gang Domination for Android

Gang Domination for Android

2020 is going to be a very good year for mobile gaming because in this we will get to see a lot of good games. Today’s news is very special because the game I am telling you about is a great game called gang domination. This game is being brought by the well-known mobile gaming company Gameloft. So let’s know about this game.


This is going to be a great game because Gameloft is making this game. The graphics of the Gang Domination game are very good and in the case of the graphics, it is difficult to compete with the Gameloft.

Gameloft has created a lot of great games in the mobile device and you must have played many of those games, their popular game franchise includes Asphalt, Modern combat, Nova, Gangster, Dungeon hunter, Order & Chaos, besides these many games are hit.

Gang Domination is an action shooter game. And this is an online multiplayer game. If you watch the teaser of this game, then this game will look like Watch Dogs 2 because the environment, technology, and character of the game are all the same as watchdogs 2.

If you talk about the size of the game, then the size of the game is going to be big because the graphics of the game in the teaser seem to be of console-quality, so if the graphics are good then the size of the game will also be bigger. One special thing about the game is that in this game you will also get to see Day and Night cycle.

As far as I think this game is going to be an open-world game and you will be able to go wherever you want on the whole map. Cars were also seen in the teaser of the game, so in this game, we will get to run the cars too, and maybe there can be Battle royale mode in this game. You can also do racing in this game. If you talk about the location of the game, then this game is going to be set in NewYork city. In the game, you will get to see the iconic landmarks of NewYork city.

If you talk about what kind of device you will need to play this game? So I have guessed that you must have a good device to play this game, meaning this game will probably not work on a phone with 1 or 2 GB ram.

Release date

There is no official news about the release date of the game as only this teaser has been released at the moment. But according to a news, this game has just been launched on IOS 13 but it is just a leak, it has not been confirmed yet. And if you have an Android phone, then this game will soon be available for you on google play store.

Right now, there is very little information about this game, so if you also know any information related to this game, then please comment in the comment box below, I will definitely add your information in this article and for similar interesting gaming news, subscribe to our blog.

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