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Extraction movie trailer review and release date

Extraction movie trailer review and release date

A new movie is coming out called extraction, the trailer of this movie has been released. Chris Hemsworth is in the lead role of this movie. And this is the same movie that Thor ie Chris Hemsworth came to India to shoot. He shoots this movie in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. At that time the name of this film was named Dhaka, but after that, they changed the name of this movie and kept extraction.


If we talk about acting department then in this movie we will get to see actors like Chris Hemsworth, David Harbor, Manoj Bajpai, Pankaj Tripathi, and Randeep Hooda. Pankaj Tripathi will be seen in the role of India’s drug mafia and in this movie Randeep Hooda is going to have a signature role.


Bangladesh’s largest drug dealer kidnaps the son of India’s biggest drug mafia. And keeps it in Dhaka, which is the capital of Bangladesh. The police cannot bring the kidnapped child to another country, therefore, Chris Hemsworth’s character is appointed by the child to free him.
Chris Hemsworth reaches Dhaka using his skill and rescues the kidnapped child from the goons. But then a huge problem comes in front of them because there is a lockdown inside that entire city and they cannot get out of this city. And after being screwed by another country drug dealer, he does not sit silent, which is why he sends goons after him to take revenge from Chris Hemsworth.


You can get to see a very good movie with this setup. And along with this, there are some interesting things about this movie like this movie’s direct Sam Hargrave was the stunt coordinator of the captain America civil war movie and when you give a stunt coordinator to direct the movie, then its vision looks clear in the movie.
In the trailer of the movie, we get to see some interesting and daring shots. Like a car flips 180 degrees and then the camera rotates inside that moving car. I found this shot very interesting. Apart from that, we get to see all such action scenes, which shows that this movie is going to be very interesting.
The screenplay of this movie is written by Joe Russo. Joe Russo together with his brother Anthony Russo has directed the best movies like Captain America winter soldier, Captain America civil war, Avengers Infinity war, and Avengers end game.
I was happy after watching the trailer of the movie but there is also a sad news because Chris Hemsworth was coming to India for 2 days to promote this movie but due to the current situation, he had to cancel that plan.

Release date

The release date of this movie is 24 April 2020 and you will be able to watch this movie on online platforms like Netflix.
The music and stunts of the trailer are very good, the movie’s concept is also very good. Overall I liked this trailer very much, if you have not seen the trailer of this movie yet, definitely watch it and comment in the comment box, how did you like the trailer of this movie.

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