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Panchayat web series review

You can watch Panchayat web series on Amazon Prime. The show has a total of 8 episodes which is 25 to 30 minutes long, so if you want to watch the entire show in once, you will have to sacrifice about 4 hours. In 2020, a powerful web series has come into the market, which works to keep all the problems coming after education in front of us. Job after study and life after job, this journey is going to be quite long. So let’s start.


The story of the series has been written around the name of an engineer named Abhishek, who is looking for a job after leaving college and his quest ends in a small village fulera in Uttar Pradesh. Where they get the job of secretary of the panchayat. Here there is a strange village entry in his life, where people are very good at heart but hesitate to run their mind.

In this village, you will not get any answer directly. for example, If the door is tied then break the door instead of the lock, such amazing feats are a minor thing here. The head of this village is Manjudevi, who is a little less educated and that is why her husband Vraj Bhushan works as the head. Vrajbhushan gives the guarantee to solve the problems of people in a pinch and he is very good at heart.

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The twist in the story comes when Abhishek keeps searching for new ways to get rid of the life of the village and the people of the village. Then, the idea of the ​​CAT exam comes in his mind, which can take him out of the village and take him to an MBA college. Can only a good salary job make life good after studying, or is there some magic in the village too that perhaps the people living in the city are still unaware


The biggest feature of this show is hidden in its funny concept which is 100% reality and works to divide our society into two parts. One is the simple life of the villagers, in which money is kept at the bottom and humanity at the top. There are thousands of emotions in everything, behind which no greed or advantage is hidden. They find happiness in small things and sleep peacefully in bed at night. On the other hand, the people living in the city keep running in the race that overtakes each other 24 hours. The dreams are so big that life will be spent to make it come true and to find the benefit of self behind everything, in which the mind starts to yearn for liberation.

How the fight between these two worlds has been brought to the screen reaches directly to your heart, whose biggest reason is the show writers who have used the best dialogues to bring the village flavor to the show. Every episode sees a small battle in which Abhishek and the head of the village have different approaches to solve the problem. In order to find the answer to who will be heavy in the show, there remains an excitement in you.

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The biggest x-factor of the show is the actors cast in it, who complete each scene in such a great way that you are forced to forget the difference between the real world and the world of web series.

Panchayat is a powerful show that will force you to search for what you are looking for in life with strong messages. You see this show with the whole family and I promise that this show will relax the mind along with the laugh on your face.

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