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Samantar web series review

A web series has come in the market that dares to challenge the law of science. Some such questions will also be asked, whose answers are crooked. Today we are going to review Samantar web series which is a Marathi show but you can see it in Hindi also, so let’s start.

This show is completely free on MX Player. To watch this show, you just have to sacrifice time, it will not harm your pocket. The show has a total of 9 episodes which is only 18 to 20 minutes long and that is why you can watch the entire web series within just 3 hours.


The story of the series is written around a fellow human named Kumar. He considers himself the king of bad luck. In the life of Kumar, poverty is hitting on one side, on the other hand, he keeps fighting a mental battle inside because of not being able to keep his family happy. And Kumar considers himself an atheist and he is not even sure if God is there. But now mountains of troubles break in his life, he forgets everything and thinks of going to the shelter of God.

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In such a situation, a Guruji appears as a support to Kumar, who reads the hand of the people and gives a guarantee to give full information about their future and also promises to run away from all the problems in life. The twist in the story comes when Guruji tells Kumar that he has already read his hand, which he considers the biggest mistake of his life, that is why he refuses to tell Kumar the future.

But Kumar is an atheist, before that Guruji, has he never even stepped into any temple. Here there is an entry in the story of a mysterious character named Shudarshan Chakrapani who according to Guruji is Kumar’s Samantar. That means Sudarshan’s past is going to be Kumar’s future. The mistake that Shudarshan has already done in his life, Kumar is going to make a mistake in his future.


The biggest strength of the show is its story. Neither have you ever heard of such a story nor seen anything like this. There is a person and there is a shadow, there are lines of hands to connect these two. The past tense of a human being is the future of another human being. When these two humans meet, it will take you into a new dimension of entertainment.

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One of the specialties of this series is that the story runs on a fast pace because of its episode being 20 minutes each. And there is no attempt to pull this story too long. It is impossible for you to be bored in the series because away from being bored, you will not get time to breathe even for a second. In the world of the best suspense, your brain gets so excited and that suspense directly pulls you to the last episode. You get the full price for the time you have spent till the arrival of the climax.

This web series is very good and you must watch it.

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