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Top 10 best Netflix web series in Hindi

Top 10 best Netflix web series in Hindi

Today I will tell you about 10 such best web series which is very good and you can see it in Hindi also, so let’s start.

1. Lucifer

The Lucifer web series was released in 2015. The story of this web series has been written around the first son of God, Satan. Which you also know by the name of the King of Hell. One day, suddenly Lucifer comes to Earth to pass the time and then gets caught in the circle of humans. Lucifer had learned to live on earth by hiding his identity and punishing the guilty. But like a human, he too falls in love and the whole game gets spoiled.

2. Mindhunter

Mindhunter web series released in 2017 have been written around the two FBI agents whose job is to investigate the most dangerous serial killers and find out the dark secret hidden behind a difficult case. Not every big battle is won on the strength of guns, if you have to defeat your enemy completely, you have to attack his mind. And around this concept, this series has been written, which gets to see the best combo of crime and action.

3. Sacred Games

Sacred Games, released in 2018, puts before us the unique relationship between an underworld don Gaitonde and a minor police inspector Sartaj. But this time in the game of thief police, the fight is not with each other but against time itself. A big city like Mumbai is in danger and only 25 days are left to save it from waste. The twist in the story comes when Gaitonde dies suddenly and just after listening to his flashback story, the game of saving Mumbai starts.

4. The haunting of hill house

The haunting of hill house released in 2018 comes at the top of the list of world’s most dreaded shows. The story is of a haunted house that gradually transforms the lives of the people living in it into hell. This show is very scary and if you are a fan of horror show then this show is made for you but if you are afraid of ghosts, then you should stay away from this show.

5. Narcos

Narcos, released in 2015, is written around the drug lord named Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar dreams of suppressing the whole government. And by selling drugs, he becomes the owner of billions. This show is very special because it is based on reality. In this show, a small person has been shown to be the king of the whole country.

6. Sherlock

The web series Sherlock released in 2010 is based on the life of a famous detective who can solve even the toughest puzzles. He is extra clever with the mind and he can calculate future events. In this web series, you get to see some famous stories, who, at a glance, you will be forced to give up, but then there is an entry of sherlock holmes in the show which brings out the hidden secrets in every story.

7. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, released in 2008, is based on the life of a chemistry teacher who starts making drugs after being completely caught in lung cancer. Gradually, teachers enter the world of crime, so it is impossible to get out. But he has only 2 years left to live, in which he wants to earn a lot of money for his family.

8. Dark

The web series Dark, released in 2017, is a supernatural thriller in which some such elements are placed in front of you, which you cannot connect with any human being. This show has shown some stories on which the eyes are not ready to trust. In a small town in Germany, 2 children disappear suddenly due to which we get to see the dark history of this town. The show depicts the connection of four strange families who try to find the missing children together.

9. Friends

Friends released in 1994 is one of the few shows that is not limited to TV-only but has become the most important part of your life. In this show you do not have to focus your mind, just use your heart and feel friends. There are 6 friends in this show who always live with each other and fight with every problem. In his modest-looking life, there are millions of laughter crackers hidden which can make you laugh and take your life.

10. Stranger Things

Stranger Things, released in 2016, openly puts concepts like aliens in front of us. There are some secrets that are kept hidden from all of us but when it becomes difficult to cover those secret then the story of Stranger Things starts. There is a small town named Hockings where strange accidents start in which some children gradually disappear. Twist brings a supernatural entity in the story who wants to control humans and rule the whole world.
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