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Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 full details

Call of Duty mobile is a great game. It is currently the most popular game after PUBG. Today we are going to talk about the tournament of Call of Duty mobile game, so let’s start.


In today’s time, the craze of video games has increased so much that now every game developer company does an esport event of its games. Earlier this esports event was held only for PC and console games. Esports had champian ship events in which the winner received a lot of money.

Today, the times have changed because now mobile games are not far behind in esports. After the arrival of PUBG mobile, esport has also become famous in mobile gaming. Currently, PUBG Mobile is a game that organized the most esport events. In these types of championships, the prize money is very high. Many people also select esport as a carrier and they earn from esport only.

Now Call of Duty Mobile has also come to the world of esport. Call of Duty Mobile’s world championship has started. If you like cod mobile and want to participate in this world championship, then read the details below.

World Championship 2020

Sony is presenting the Call of Duty mobile world championship. If you have to qualify in championships, then your rank should be Veteran or higher. There will be 4 open qualifiers every weekend from April 30 to May 24. If your rank is Veteran or higher and if you win in Stage 1, you will get in-game rewards as price pool and after that, you will qualify individually for stage 2.

In stage 1 you have to play the first 10 ranked matches every weekend. The points you get in these ten matches will qualify you for Stage 2. In these 10 matches, you will have to earn a minimum 80 points only then you will qualify for the next stage. 80 points in 10 matches is not a very big task, so if you are a pro player then you will complete this challenge very easily.

If you win stage 1 then you will qualify for stage 2. For stage 2 you will have to build a team and you can create this team only with those who have won in stage 1 and have qualified for stage 2.


If you win the second stage, then you will also get the character of the Phantom and 1000 CP in the reward. If you win the second stage and also win in the third stage, then you will get 10000 CP. Think yourself that with 10000 CP we can buy a lot of things.


There are some rules included in this, such as you cannot use an emulator in a match, and also a controller cannot be used with it.

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this world championship. To qualify in the game, you have to sign in with your call of duty mobile account. The player’s account should be clean and no penalty or any report should be filed on it. So before participating in this tournament take care of all these things so that there is no problem later.

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