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The New Mutants: Movie New Photos Breakdown

Today we are going to talk about the details of the new mutants film. A lot of new images have been released related to this film, which is done by none other than the VFX company of this film. This company cannot release images of the film without the permission of Sony Pictures, so Disney is also involved in it.

The reason for this may be the publicity of the film. Due to the deal between Disney and Fox, the publicity of this film could not be achieved. After which Disney decided to release the film.

The first rumor of the film was for the film to be released on the OTT platform, after that Disney also confirmed the official release date of the film which was April 1, 2020 but was again delayed due to COVID-19.

The new mutants project of the film was created by Fox and the director of the film was Josh Boone. According to Josh Boone, The New Mutants have been made very different from the rest of the superhero movies because it is a horror film apart from a superhero movie and we have not seen such a movie in the universe of superheroes till date.

Fox was experimenting with Super Heroes films, in which Fox had passed in the first experiment and that film was Deadpool. Deadpool was picked up from the comic book and placed in front of people in the form of a movie and this made fans very happy and not only Deadpool but Logan film also became a hit at the box office.

But Fox later decided that they would sell their company to Disney. And due to that, a film like X-men dark phoenix was completely ruined and The new mutants were put on hold. Whose release date has not yet been confirmed. Now people feel that this film will be released on the streaming platform.

Under the images associated with this film, we get to know that in this film we will get to see 2 villains. Among them is a daemon bear whose confirmation was given to us as soon as the film was made and the main villain of this film will also be a daemon bear.

If we talk about another villain, then we have seen this villain in the trailer too, which has a mask on his face. Because of that mask, that villain has also been named, which is smiley face. But if you look at the released image, that villain does not seem to be smiley at all in that image, but he looks even scarier.

Looking at the released images, it seems that these images are of the second and third act of the film, ie the time at which all the new mutants will get their power.

According to the trailer, all of them have been kept in a hospital where they are being treated, where we can see all the members of the new mutants. And each character also tells their problems with their names, what they did, because of which they have been brought here.

Even if they all want to run away from that hospital, they cannot run because there is a strange wall around the hospital that does not let them escape.

In the film, Rahne Sinclair ie Wolfsbane has such power that she can transform herself into a wolf. Our second mutant is Sam Guthrie, also known as Cannonball. It can propel itself in the air and then he is invincible. The name of the third mutant Roberto da Costa is known as Sunspot. He can manipulate solar energy. The name of the fourth mutant is Illyana Rasputin which is known as Magik. She is the most powerful. She has a sword from Magik, with the help of which she can take anyone in her dimensions where she becomes the most powerful. The name of our fifth mutant is Danielle Moonstar which is known as Mirage. Moonstar loses people by creating the illusion. And their mentor is Cecilia Reyes. She is a doctor and she can generate a protective shield.

The focus of this film will remain on the feature of how this team of mutants started, that is, this film will give people a different film of X-men universe in its own timeline.

I hope Disney continues to use this formula well because the new mutants topic is very good and its fans have also waited a lot to make this movie. This film was made but unfortunately from 2018 till now, the film has not been officially released.


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