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Gaming News #6

In today’s Gaming News # 6, we are going to cover PC Gaming News, so let’s start.

Project Cars 3

Our first news is about Project Cars 3. Project Cars 3 has been announced and the official trailer of this game has also been released and you can see it on Youtube. This game will be released in the summer of this year. It is a car racing game and this game will come on PC, PS4, and Xbox One because the last game also came on the same platform.

Avengers Game

A leak footage of the Avengers game has arrived. This is basically gameplay footage. This gameplay is from the 2011 avengers game. This game is the first person game but the new one is the third person avengers game. This is an incomplete game because later this game was probably canceled.

Red Dead Redemption remake

Next news is coming from Red Dead Redemption. A remake of Red Dead Redemption 1 is coming. We will get to see this remake version in the second quarter of next year. In that game we will get to see major changes because this is a remake, that’s why Rockstar will redesign it completely. This is good because there is no news of GTA 6 so far, so this game will catch the attention of the players.


Season 3 of Fortnite has been delayed. Although it should have come earlier but due to the problem of COVID-19, it is getting delayed. It seems from the leaks that the upcoming season 3 of Fortnite will come with flood theme, that is, you will see water on the map.

For this, Ninja also commented that now Fortnite is getting boring for them as the Fortnite season is getting delayed and this season has become much more delayed but soon the Fortnite is going to crossover with Spongebob Squarepants.

By the way, a new mobile game of Spongebob has also come up, which is named SpongeBob Krusty Cook Off, so if you play mobile games then you will definitely like this game.

Resident Evil 8

Next update is coming from Resident Evil 8. According to the news, this game will be launched at the PS5 event and the chance of this is also high because this game is going to be the sequel of Resident Evil 7 and Capcom has been working on this game for a long time and it was also said that the next game is going to be Resident Evil 8.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

The Horizon zero dawn 2 game has been announced and it is being said that this game is also going to be launched at the launch event of PS5. Apart from this, announcement of the new game of God of War can also be done in this event.


The anti-cheat system of Valorant Game is much better. This system is so good and powerful that it bans the hardware itself. When this game was in beta phase, the company had banned some accounts which were trying to hack and according to the company, now those accounts will not be restarted and those accounts will be permanent ban.

Epic Games

The CEO of Epic Games has said that they will soon launch the Epic game store for mobile devices as well. Although currently this game store exists, but only for playing Fortnite game but very soon you will get to see many more major games in this game store. This store can be launched on both Android and iOS platforms

In today’s Gaming News #6, we have tried to cover all the major gaming news. If you liked our article Gaming News #6, then please tell us about it by commenting below.

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