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Yeager for Android/IOS

Yeager is a monster hunter game. This is a 3D role playing mobile game, so let’s start our today’s article Yeager for Android/iOS.

Many role-playing games are available for mobile devices, but now another name is going to be added to that list. Yeager is a 3D RPG game. Like every RPG game, you will get to see the best action in this game too.

The craze of RPG games has increased a lot, which is why a lot of mobile game developer companies are making RPG games and a very good RPG game is coming soon from NetEase named Project Ragnarok. We have written a separate article on this, so you should check out that as well.

Yeager is a great monster-hunting game, that means in this game you will find big monsters, you have to fight them and defeat them. These monsters will be big and strange and they will all have their own specialty.

We can also call these monsters as aliens because this game is based on the alien world. An Alien Planet is shown in the game. This world looks very beautiful in appearance but the monster of this world is very dangerous.


The graphics of the Yeager game is simply fantastic. Its visuals are very good and the color combination is excellent. While playing the game you will not feel that you are playing a mobile game because the graphics of the game are next level and the game is of console-quality.

The graphics of this game are of HD quality. The graphics of this game are made with the next generation graphic engine, which is why it looks realistic.

To enhance the graphics quality of this game, physical-based rendering system and motion capture technology have been used in the game. In recent times, technology is growing at such a high speed that now many good and high graphics games have started being made for mobile phones too.


In Yeager, you will get to see close combat system, that is, you can go very close to your enemy and defeat them. Because of close combat, you can attack your enemy repeatedly and damage their body parts. When your enemy is weak then you can defeat your enemy by taking a decisive and final strike.

To attack you can make your own combo which can give maximum damage to your enemies. To make a combo, you will have a lot of weapons and equipment that you can upgrade as well and the combination of the right weapon will increase your strength a lot.

In this game you will get to see 4 powerful and dangerous targets, which will be in the form of a monster. To defeat them, you have to sharpen your skill.

In the game you will get to see the huge forest. And this forest will be very dense and curved. You have to find your way through these dense forests and at the same time be careful of the monster while revealing many secrets hidden in the forest.

Download Yeager for Android/IOS

Yeager game has been made for both Android and iOS but currently, this game is only available on iOS, so if you have an iOS device, you can download and play this game.

Currently, the game is not available for Android and no official release date has been announced. If you want an update related to this game, you can subscribe to our blog so that whenever there is any update related to this game, you do not miss it.


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