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Hyper Scape: Ubisoft's New Cyberpunk Style Battle Royale Game

Today we are going to talk about a new battle royale game. This game has recently been revealed by Ubisoft named Hyper Scape. So let’s start.

There were rumors about this game for a long time but last night, Ubisoft revealed the Hyper Scape game. Ubisoft has also revealed the gameplay related to that game.

From all this information we try to know that how this game differs from other Battle Royal games, what is its future scope and when will this game release for our PC and Console.


Hyper scape is a new futuristic game. This futuristic Battle Royal game will remind you of Cyberpunk 2077 game. This battle royal game is slightly different from the normal battle royal games

This game is mostly based on verticality. This game has very big buildings and very high places have been created on the map and in the trailer we are also shown that the players are jumping very high.

This is the plus point of this game that players will play this game more vertically than horizontal because the buildings are very big in the game, then you have to be more careful about which direction the bullets are firing because shots can hit you from any angle.

The Hyper Scape game has been in development for almost 3 years and this game has been created by the same team that created the rainbow six siege game.

Looking at the gameplay of this game, it seems that this game has been inspired by three games and the three games are Apex Legends, Valorant, and Overwatch.


Like every battle royale game, you have to fight against 100 contenders. Currently, you will get to see 2 modes in this game, including Solo and Squad.

This entire battle royale game is based on a virtual city and the virtual city is named Neo Arcadia.

The deployment in this game is quite different than other battle royale games. To land in the map of this game, you will not get to see any parachute or plane, instead, you will get to see the personalized pod through which you will deploy on the map.

After deployment, you will have Melee weapon with the help of which you can break barricades and loot Weapons from inside the house.

In Apex Legends, players have different abilities, but in this game, hacks have been inserted instead of those capabilities. There are a total of 8 hacks in the game and all players will have the advantage of using the same type of hacks.

In the game you can also upgrade your hacks and weapons. And you can carry 2 Weapons and 2 Hacks at a time.

If you die in this game then there is no game over. Whenever you die, you become an echo which is like a hologram. As soon as echo is created, you can spectate and mark in the map. If your Squad Mate finds a Restore Point by hitting the enemy, then he can call you back in the match.

There are 2 ways to win in this game. The first way to win is to kill all the enemies, and the second way is a crown spawn in the last circle of the match, if you capture that crown then you have to alive for 45 seconds after capturing the crown If you succeed in surviving 45 seconds, then you will win the match.

Release Date

Currently, testing of Hyper Scape game is going on and there are some technical tests which are still going on. This game will be launched on PC and the beta version of this game will come on 12th and it will be an open beta meaning that all players can download and play it.

The amazing thing is that Hyper Scape is a free game, meaning that you will be able to play this game for free.

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