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Last Land: India's upcoming FPS PC Game

In today’s post, we are going to talk about India’s highest quality FPS game named Last Land, So let’s start.

Last Land Game is being developed by a young game developer from India. India’s young boy who is developing the game is 15 years old and his brother is helping him in marketing the game.

This entire game is being developed on the Cryengine and it is the same Cryengine on which games like Crysis and Farcry were developed.

From the first look of this game, you might feel that it is a zombie survival game but there is nothing like it. This game is going to be a story-based game.

The developer of Last Land Game has not given full gameplay video of it but in their official YouTube channel, they uploaded some short gameplay videos related to this game. Based on these small video clips, we are giving this information.

With the help of the gameplay videos of the last land game, we are giving our opinion in which we will give detailed information about both the game good and bad parts.


First, we will talk about the plot of the last land game. If we talk about the story of the last land game then the story of this game is best on kidnapping. The place where this kidnapping occurs is an isolated island.

This game has a protagonist named Ajay whose job is to find the kidnapped girl and save her. At the moment, only such a story has been revealed by the game’s developer.

In this game, we will get to see three islands because this island is isolated, so there are not many houses to see here. Most of Iceland is surrounded by weeds and trees. At the starting of the game, the map will be exposed only slightly but as the game progresses, the new location will be exposed.

The developer of this game has also revealed the runtime of this game and according to them the run time of this game will be 4 hours, which means you can finish this game in 4 hours.

Good Points

First, let’s talk about the good points of this game. One thing the developer of the game has done very well is the basic movement of the player.

You can also compare the movement of this game with the movement of Call of Duty games as most of the Call of Duty games are FPS. The FPS of the Call of Duty game is known as a benchmark with which the rest of the games are compared

All the movements of the first person such as walking, sliding and landing animation are excellent. Along with this, the gun mechanics and shooting mechanics of this game are also very good and can be compared to a high-end game.

The second best thing about this game is its vehicle because in this game you can also drive the vehicle. The mechanics of the vehicle are also very good because in the game you will be able to drive the vehicle and can also sit on its back seat.

The graphics of this game are also good and these graphics will remind you of a game like Farcry. Another game with similar environment is coming up called Prologue.

Bad Points

The bad point of this game is its environment which is very empty because the island present in this game is isolated which is why this island is mostly surrounded by jungle and most of the area seems empty.

The population is very low on this island, due to this the house here is also very less. Due to this, the interaction of the players is reduced.

When you fire with a gun, its muzzle flash is very high due to which most of the screen is covered, hence it needs to be reduced.

The sound of the game is also good but it can be improved further. So according to us, this is some of the things that need improvement.

Release Date

Currently, the demo of the Last Land game is not available as the game is currently under development. This game will launch for PC.

As of now, official information about the release date of this game has not been revealed, but whenever official information comes, we will let you.


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