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It Chapter 3: Movie Updates

Today we are going to talk about It Chapter 3. Some updates related to this have come out on which we will give our opinion whether it should become a prequel to the movie’s universe or not.

If you like horror movies, then you must have seen this movie. It movie is based on Stephen King’s novel. This novel is the second-largest novel by Stephen King as it has 1138 pages. It took Stephen King almost 4 years to write this novel.

The villain in this film is named Pennywise who is a clown in appearance but is actually a very dangerous devil.

It is known to everyone that the entire Universe of It was completely ended in Chapter Two and a perfect ending was done in the film. Along with Chapter Two, the character of Pennywise was also abolished.

Ending of It Chapter 2 movie was done exactly as it was written in Stephen King’s book. However, Pennywise’s origin was added differently in Chapter Two of the film. So that people get to know a little about Pennywise’s origins.

However, people who are not connected to this universe, they certainly do not know where Pennywise has come from and what its origin is.

Whether the It Chapter 3 can come or not?

Now let’s talk about our main point, whether the third chapter of this movie can come or not? It a has possibility meaning its third part can come.

To this question, the film’s director Andrés Muschietti replied that he wants to work on the sequel of this film. That is, they will definitely have a story plot related to the third chapter of this film and according to us, if the third chapter of this film comes then it will be very good.

Actor Bill Skarsgård, who is playing Pennywise, also said that if the third chapter of this film is made, then I will definitely play Pennywise in this film. There will be no problem on their part in bringing this legend and iconic character back.

If we talk about the fans of this universe, then they have not read this novel but have lived it and they do not want any sequel or sequel of this film because these films have been made very well according to the book.

We don’t think Warner brothers Studios will stop such a good series by making only two films. Because chapter one of the series proved to be a super hit and chapter two was also a hit and both films had a very good box office collection.

As far as we feel, some planning has been done by Warner Bros to expand this universe. Another film can come into this universe. It is being rumored that the announcements of this film will be made by Stephen King himself.

Stephen king has written a lot of legendary novels in his career and one of them is The Shining which he felt after writing that he can expand its story and after that, he also expanded its story.

Perhaps it could happen that Stephen King agrees with the studio and he helps in the story writing of the next film of the It series.

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