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Infinitesimals game is about tiny aliens

Today we are going to talk about a very unique game. The name of this game is Infinitesimals. The gameplay, concept, and overall presentation of this game are all unique.

The name of the game is quite unique and strange but this name suits the concept of this game because Infinitesimals mean very subtle and this game is also based on this concept.

Infinitesimals is a story based third-person game. This game comes under the action-adventure category.

The special thing of this game is that in the game you will play the role of an alien whose size is only 1 millimeter. As you can see in the trailer below, the size of the alien is very small and this alien is very amazing in appearance.

Infinitesimals teaser trailer v2

Recently we have seen many games on this concept, in which the size of the character is small such as Grounded and Metamorphosis but Infinitesimals game is also different from these two games.

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The Infinitesimals game is based on Alien Life. In this game, you will get to see the story of a tiny alien. The enemy in the game is also technically advanced and in a way, we can say that this game is based on a futuristic world.

In the game, our Tiny alien character also has his own vehicle. Like this game, the vehicle is also strange which has 6 legs and has wheels under those legs.

With 6 legs, this vehicle is capable of walking but with it, you can drive it like a car which is a very good and unique concept.

Seeing the trailer of this game, you will not feel that only 2 people are making this game together, in which only 2 people are doing the work from the development of the game to its marketing.

This game has been developing for about 5 to 6 years because only 2 people are making this game together, then it is reasonable to take so long.

This is not the only game that only one or two people are making together, but a game is coming soon from India called Last Land, which is being made by only 2 people together. If you want more information about the Last Land game, then click on the link given below.

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Although there is not much information available on the internet about the Infinitesimals game due to which less people have come to know about this game.

When you visit the official youtube channel Cubit Studios created by the developers of this game then you will find many short video clips related to the development of the game.

Initially, the game started as a side project, but now the game is getting funds from a big game developer company Epic games, due to which it is now going to become a full production game.

The Infinitesimals game is being made on a very powerful gaming engine of Epic Games named Unreal Engine 4.

Most of the modern games are made on Unreal Engine 4 because it is very easy to make games in this gaming engine and at the same time this engine is also very powerful.

If we talk about the release date of Infinitesimals game then this game is currently under development, but with the help of Epic games, now the development process of this game has been speeded up, which will help the game to be released quickly.

There is currently no disclosure about the release date of the game from the developers of the game, but whenever there is any news related to it, we will definitely cover that news.

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