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PUBG 8.2 Update is here

On July 22, there was a very big update of PUBG, this update was of 8.1. In 8.1 we got to see lots of changes like in that update we got to see a completely new Sanhok, along with that the look truck was also introduced in Sanhok but now PUBG 8.2 update is here. So let’s see what we will get to see in this update.

MG3 Machine gun

The first part of the 8.2 update is a new machine gun called the MG3. It is a heavy machine gun. This machine gun will be available on all maps and it will be spawn in Care Packages.

The MG3 machine gun is a weapon of the LMG class. This gun fires an ammunition of 7.62. Speaking of magazine, this gun has 75 rounds of magazine. The special thing about MG3 machine gun is that this gun can fire at 2 different speeds.

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The MG3 gun has 2 different rates of fire which include 660 and 990. At 660 RPM, this gun is more stable because the speed of bullets is low but at 990 RPM this gun wreaks havoc on your enemies. This gun can cause more damage to the vehicle

Another special feature of MG3 machine gun is that it has every 5th round and last 10 bullet tracer shots, in which the player firing the gun can see the bullets being fired. tracer shots give him more visual information.

Decoy Grenade

Decoy Grenade is a new way to distract enemies. The special thing of Decoy Grenade is that when it is thrown, the grenade mimics the sound of gunshot for 10 seconds which means 10 seconds after throwing the grenade, the sound of gunshot comes from the grenade.

You can distract your enemy with the sound of gunshot. You can use it to bring out your enemies. The Decoy Grenade will only be available on the Sanhok map.

M416, SKS and Kar98k Guns

All three guns M416, SKS, and Kar98k have been remodeled from scratch. In this update, these three guns have been made more realistic and its sound has been further improved.

Small Updates

  • Whenever you used to wear a helmet in the game, your hat and hoodie was covered, but now you can invisible helmet so that you will see hat and hoodie even after wearing the helmet. Your helmet will be invisible only for you, your enemies will be able to see your helmet.
  • Now you can set the lobby music according to your own. You will get a collection of all the music that has come in PUBG so far, out of which you can set your favorite music for the lobby.
  • Esports Manu has been updated with PCS 2. You can win free skins by participating in this tournament.

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