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League of Valhalla is now available for pre-registration

League of Valhalla is a 3D MMO RPG game. This game is created by Youzu company. This game is based on Norse mythology.

Norse mythology was already visible to us in PC and console games, but now the craze of Norse mythology is also raging in mobile games. The NetEase company also working on their upcoming MMO RPG game called Project Ragnarok and the game is also based on Norse mythology.

League of Valhalla is an open world online game that you can play with your friends. You can explore the fantastic fantasy world of the game.

The graphics of this game are very good. The game features ancient Nordic structures which provide a different experience. The game’s environment is presented in 4K resolution. The detailing of the structure and environment present in the game is very well done, which makes the game look even better.



If we talk about the story of the game then the game is based on the human world. There is a villain in this game named Loki. This is the same Loki that was shown in Thor and the Avengers movies, so if you have seen these movies then you will be able to understand Loki well.

The world shown in the game was created by Gods, who was destroyed by Loki but once again the place has been rebuilt and now the place is led by Baldr, the God of Light, under whose leadership this world once again Is booming.

Although Loki and his army want to ruin this place once again, but you have to fight Loki and his army as a fearless warrior and save your place.

Combat system

In this game, you will get to see 100 vs 100, 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 battles. This will be a real-time battle, in which you can change the viewing angle according to yourself. You will also get different skills for the battle, which you can upgrade.

The controls of the game are very good and smooth so that you will not have any problem during the fight. With smooth control, you can master your skills so that you can also win good rewards.

Character and Equipment

In the game, you can customize unique characters according to your combat style. You can build your character according to these three measures, max critical damage, Tons of agility and High combat power.

If you want to stay away from fighting and bloodshed then you have also been given the option of secondary professions, under which you can do activities like cooking, fishing, and hunting. Apart from this, there are lots of activities in the game that you will love to do.

Apart from the character, different animals will also be seen in the game, which you can make your pate. Apart from this, different weapons and equipment’s will also be seen in the game, which you can upgrade with the help of different resources.

You get different loot and equipment when you kill enemies during battle. If you have more number of equipment and you want to sell or buy them, then you can use the trade.

Release Date

Currently, no official release date of League of Valhalla game has been revealed but pre-registration of this game has started, which you can do by going to Google Playstore.

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