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Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football is now available for pre-registration

If you like to play sports games then you must have heard the name of Madden NFL Game Series. Madden NFL is a football game created by the EA. Although the games of this series are available on almost all gaming platforms, but today we will talk about the latest mobile edition of this series, Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football.

This game is coming from Electronic Arts, that’s why in every factor it is going to be a perfect game because most of the sports games are made by Electronic Arts Company.

Despite the small size of this game, the graphics of the game are very good. The detailing of the players is done quite well. When you play this game on your mobile phone, you experience like PC or console games because the graphics and smooth gameplay of the game are quite good

If you talk about controls then the controls of this game are very good and responsive. The game runs smoothly and is fun to play. You can play this game as a guest or you can play the game by configuring it with your Google or Facebook id.


Build Team

In Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football game you will get 32 different teams, in which you can choose your favorite team.


  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Cincinnati Bengals
  3. Buffalo Bills
  4. Denver Broncos
  5. Cleveland Browns
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  7. Arizona Cardinals
  8. Los Angeles Chargers
  9. Kansas City Chiefs
  10. Indianapolis Colts
  11. Dallas Cowboys
  12. Miami Dolphins
  13. Philadelphia Eagles
  14. Atlanta Falcons
  15. San Francisco 49ers
  16. New York Giants
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars
  18. New York Jets
  19. Detroit Lions
  20. Green Bey Packers
  21. Carolina Panthers
  22. New England Patriots
  23. Las Vegas Riders
  24. Los Angeles Rams
  25. Baltimore Ravens
  26. Washington Football Team
  27. New Orleans Saints
  28. Seattle Seahawks
  29. Pittsburgh Steelers
  30. Houston Texans
  31. Tennessee Titans
  32. Minnesota Vikings

You can also build your own team, in which you can change the logo and banner of the team and with that, you can also change the uniform of the team. Many customization options will be seen in the game.

After team building, you can also upgrade your team through training, in which you will get to see Offense, Defense, and Special Modes which will increase the power of the player.

Game Modes

There will be 3 different modes to be seen in the game


The first of which is Solo. In Solo mode, you can unlock Lamar Jackson and Master Series. Lamar Jackson is an American footballer and the NFL’s most valuable player.

Apart from that, you will get to see the seasons in solo mode as well as daily new challenges and rewards.


If we talk about the second mode of the game, then the second mode of the game is the competitive mode. In this mode, you will get to see 3 factors, which include Arena, Overdrive and Friend matches.

You can earn rewards for playing head to head in the Arena. In Overdrive you will have to score most fantasy points in 3 minutes. And in Friend matches you can play with your friends and also you can play with your league mates.


The third mode of the game is Leagues mode, in which you can create your own league. It is exactly like clan in which you can invite your friends.

Store & Wallet

Like every game, in this game also the option of the store has been given, from which you can purchase different packs and wallet stuff.

In Wallet, you will find Battery Packs, Briefcase, Madden Gems, Training Points, Stamina, Max Stamina, Coins, and Madden Cash so that you can upgrade and boost anything in the game.

Release Date

The official release date of Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football game has come, according to which the game will be released on August 6th, 2020.

Currently, this game has come for Pre Registration on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, if you want to play this game first, then do Pre Registration for the game.

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