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PUBG Mobile Erangle 2.0 Massive 1.0.0 Beta Update Out

After a long wait finally, PUBG Mobile Erangle 2.0 massive 1.0.0 beta update out for android. The Erangle 2.0 map had already arrived in PUBG PC but this map took lots of time to come in the mobile version and now finally the time has come when the Erangle 2.0 map has been released in the beta version on PUBG mobile.

PUBG mobile players have been waiting for the Erangle 2.0 map for the past 1 year. In this 1 year, PUBG mobile has received lots of updates, every time a rumor seemed to run before the update that Erangle 2.0 map would be seen in this update, but every time this rumor went wrong.

Now suddenly the beta version of Erangle 2.0 has come without any rumors. For the players of PUBG Mobile, there can be no better happiness than this.

In 1.0.0 update, the name of the map will remain Erangle but the map will change. As always, this update has come in the official beta version app of PUBG mobile, just as other beta updates came.

What’s New in Erangle 2.0

The Erangle 2.0 map has not changed completely from the old Erangle, but Erangle 2.0 is an updated version of the old Erangle map that has been improved.


The first thing that we will see in Erangle 2.0 is the better graphics. Support of 90fps has come with the Erangle 2.0 map, which means that gaming will be even more awesome, now you can also play the game in Ultra HD with the new map.

Currently, this feature is not available for all phones. Ultra HD and 90fps options have been given only in select phones like Oneplus, but over time this option will also be available in the phones in which HDR was supported.

Building Adjustments and Structure Changes

The new map will look different from above when viewed from the plane. Objects have also been changed with graphics in Erangle 2.0. As the grass has been redesigned and improved in the new map, the trees in the game have been further densified and the detailing of the trees has also been improved.

If we talk about building, then almost all the billing in the game has been changed. Many billings colors have been changed, and only light changes have been made in many buildings. But the detailing of all the buildings has been improved. The detailing of the building now helps to make PUBG Mobile even more realistic.

More changes will be seen in almost all the famous places on the map, such as Mylta Power / Quarry / Prison & Other Play Zone and many places have been completely changed.


Last night, the update of Erangle 2.0 beta phase was rolled out. Now to experience Erangle 2.0, you have to download the beta version of PUBG Mobile application and the size of this application is about 1.4 GB.

To install this application you have to keep up to 2GB of free space in your phone and this app will not replace your existing official application, instead, your phone will have two PUBG mobile applications installed, one of which will be beta version and the other will be the official app.

Global Release Date for Erangle 2.0

As far as we feel, in the next global update of PUBG Mobile, you will also get to see the update of Erangle 2.0 with season 15, which means that maybe Erangle 2.0 update can be seen next month.

If you liked our article PUBG Mobile Erangle 2.0 Massive 1.0.0 Beta Update Out, then you can comment in the comment box, and If you like Combat Games then you can check this article Titan Glory for Android/iOS.


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