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Titan Glory for Android/iOS

Titan Glory is a mech combat game. This game has futuristic robots that will fight each other. This is an online game that can be played with friends.

The future of online games is bright and currently competition in the gaming market is difficult due to which every companies are making good and high graphics games.

If we talk about upcoming high graphics games, then games like Project Ragnarok and Code T are coming from Chinese game developer company NetEase. Tencent is also not behind in this race. A survival game named Code Live is coming from Tencent.

The Titan Glory is a powerful opponent in this massive competition. The concept of this game is good and currently, this type of concept is liked by gamers.


This entire game is based on mechs. mechs are a kind of large robot also called war robots. These robots are modern and their power is unique.

Total 12 different mechs are given in the game. It is all unique. New mechs will be unlocked as the game progresses. The mechs are made by joining different parts and can be upgraded.

Separate parts of each mech can be upgraded separately. The general mech has 5 different parts such as its CPU which is the head of the mech, armor which is the middle part of the mech so that it can avoid the attack of enemies. There are legs for mobility, the speed can be increased by upgrading it. There is a machinegun to damage enemy mechs and artillery has been given for the heavy attack.


In the game, you get to see many options for weapons and you can choose the weapon to be used in the Mech according to yourself.

Talking about weapons, this game has 7 primary weapons which will wreak havoc on the enemy. Primary Weapons can give heavy damage. Secondary weapon option is also given in the game, in which 4 different weapons have been given. Secondary weapons will give tactical advantage.


This is an online combat game in which 12 players will fight. To fight, 6 big locations have been given in the game, in which players can choose the location according to their interest.

All the 6 arena in the game is huge and the detailing of the objects in the arena is well done and the detailing of the mechs has also been done very well in turn which is felt while playing the game.

The graphics of the game are credited for making these locations more beautiful. The graphics of this game are gorgeous and can also be called console-quality graphics.

The sound of the game is also great along with the graphics. The movement sound of the mech and the sound of weapons seem to be real which enhances the gameplay experience.

Total 9 different modes have been given in the Titan Glory game so that the game will remain innovative and the players’ interest will remain in the game.

Along with the modes, there will be 12 tournaments in this game. The game is online, so changes will come in these from time to time and new events will also be added, which will make the game interesting.

Release Date of Titan Glory

The Titan Glory game has been launched on 6 August on Nintendo Switch and iOS. This game is paid on iOS, which will cost $ 4.99 to play.

The Titan Glory game will be launched on Android as well, but currently, no details were revealed by the game’s publisher atypical games regarding its release date.

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