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Call of Duty Mobile Night Mode Confirmed

Call of Duty Mobile Night Mode
Call of Duty Mobile Night Mode Confirmed. (Image credits: Grow Positive YouTube)

Currently, season 10 is running in Call of Duty Mobile, and players also enjoying season 10, but in such a situation the developers of Call of Duty Mobile have confirmed that night mode is coming for BR and MP mode of COD mobile. This is a very big news which has been officially confirmed by the COD.

COD mobile was launched on 1 October 2019. After the launch, this game has achieved many milestones behind which the role of new updates coming in the game is very large.

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COD mobile has adapted the best features of all the games of its main franchise Call of Duty, that’s why this game shows so many years of hard work and experience from Activision.

A lot of new updates and features have been added to COD mobile since launching, but the best and biggest feature among them all will be Night mode which will completely change the game.

There was a conversation in social media between the developers of the Call of Duty mobile game and their fans, in which the developers confirmed the night mode while answering the question of the fan.

Night mode is going to be available in both COD Mobile’s Battle Royal and Multiplayer maps, although no official confirmation has been made about the release date of Night Mode, but we feel that Night Mod is coming very soon.

Next Month in October 2020, COD Mobile will complete 1 year ie the next month is the first anniversary of COD Mobile and under First Anniversary, there is a possibility to came night mode along with zombie mode in the game.

PUBG Mobile is a very big competitor of COD Mobile and Night Mod has come long ago in PUBG mobile and now this mode will also be seen very soon in Call of Duty Mobile.

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Will this night mode be the same as or completely different from PUBG Mobile’s night mode? and will Night Vision Goggles in COD Mobile’s Night Mode be spawn in the game itself or the character be able to equip night vision goggles in the game’s lobby?

The information of all these things is not available at the moment but as soon as there is any update regarding the night mode then we will definitely cover it.

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