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Dune Trailer Breakdown and Release Date

The official trailer of the Dune movie has been launched. The star cast of the film and all the names associated with the film make this film very important. It is important to note that the budget of the film is also very good, which proves that the studio is confident about this film that people will definitely like the film on which they are investing so much money.

Dune was a novel on which a movie was made in 1984, but the film was not able to do proper justice with this novel, followed by a mini TV series in 2000 and 2003. This TV series had nothing to do with the novel but now the preparations made by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros studios have been done with proper planning and now it is expected that this time it will not disappoint the movie fans.

The director of this movie is Denis Villeneuve who directs the films well. The trailer of the Dune film is promising and the director of the film wants to complete the universe in 2 parts, which has been signed with the studio. If this film is successful at the box office, then studios can also make 3 parts of this film.

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At the beginning of the trailer, Timothée Chalamet is shown playing the character of Paul Atreides in the film. The character of Paul Atreides is shown with Chani and by looking at this scene it seems that Paul was looking at future visions, that is, in this film, Paul has the power to see the future which he wants to change because of House Atreides’s future is going to be bad.

The Empire of House Atreides runs on Caladan Planet and Arrakis Planet. But with time this empire has weakened due to which both planets are under threat. Because of this danger, Gaius Helen Mohiam has made a prediction under which Paul Atreides, son of Lady Jessica and Leto Atreides, will protect House Atreides from upcoming threats.

It is shown in the trailer that Paul goes to Helen and gives a test of gom jabbar which will prove that Paul is the only child who will save this entire empire. But according to prophecy, instead of Paul, his children will save the House of Atreides.

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The universe of Dune is based on the future, due to which strange spacecraft will be seen in this film along with that other futuristic technology is shown in its trailer. A strange glitch technology is used at the time of fighting, which makes fighting skills more effective as good fighting skills help to survive on Arrakis Planet.

Arrakis is a desert planet and is also an important part of Dune’s Universe because this planet emits a strange drug which is produced by giant worms. If the giant worms are eliminated then the drugs will also be eliminated, so both these things are very important for the people of this planet.

By taking this drug found in Arrakis, a person’s eyes turn blue and that person gets superpowers with the help of which he can teleport himself and he becomes strong. Using this drug, the people of House Atreides captured all the planets in the universe of Dune, but now Paul’s father is not able to handle these drugs properly.

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In this film, Jason Momoa is playing the role of Duncan who goes to protect the Arrakis Planet with his people but after getting there he gets caught in a trap and will be Paul’s entry on that planet to get him out of the trap. Even before Paul arrives, some people revolt on the Arrakis Planet, whose leader is Stilgar, and the group of rebels also includes Chani’s character. Chani is actually Dr. Liet-Kynes’s daughter who sent Chani to the Arrakis Planet only to be able to mingle with the rebels of Arrakis and get closer to Paul.

In this film, Lady Jessica is played by Rebecca Ferguson and in the film she was sent to Oscar Isaac i.e. Leto Atreides to have a child but that child must be a girl so that the girl gets married in the House of Atreides and the people of Arrakis easily take over the entire Atreides, but according to the prophecy they have a son, now Arrakis has no other way than violence.

The film’s villain also features Dave Bautista’s character Glossu Rabban, who works under the film’s main villain Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is played by the character Stellan Skarsgård who is shown very fat in the movie and being fat he cannot walk on his own, due to which he has to resort to anti-gravity to walk.

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Dr. Wellington Yueh’s character is played by Chang Chen who is shown in the film as a human-computer whose knowledge is important in the universe of Dune.

No official announcement has been made about the release date of the Dune movie, but the film will be released this year as the release date of the film was confirmed when the film was announced by the studio, which was 18th December this year. But this release date may also change due to COVID.


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