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Dawn Awakening Close Beta out for Android/iOS


Dawn Awakening is a survival game created by Tencent’s Photon Studio Group. Tencent is a Chinese company that has made beautiful games like PUBG mobile. Apart from PUBG, the same game developer company has also helped in creating some other big titles like Call of Duty Mobile and according to news, Tencent also has a huge contribution in making the mobile version of the famous game Apex Legends, which is going to be launched very soon.

The concept of Dawn Awakening game is also similar to other zombies survival games like LifeAfter and Last day on earth. However, the game is more similar to LifeAfter. It is a 3D open-world game whose graphics are at the next level because the game’s massive world is detailed in a very good way. The reason that the game has good graphics is its developers because Tencent is known for making high graphics games and Dawn Awakening doesn’t disappoint in terms of graphics.


The story of this game is similar to almost all survival games story in which zombies are occupied all over the world and most of the civilization is converted into zombies but some people escape from this apocalypse and they form groups for fight and help other people.

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To make the game realistic, with good graphics, day and night cycle, and weather systems have also been provided which sometimes becomes very harsh. Despite having high graphics, this game runs very smoothly at 60 fps as it is built on the famous Unreal Engine 4 and this game engine is currently the most advanced of all game engines, and its next version i.e. Unreal engine 5 is also coming.


In this game, players can do many tasks like exploring the map, making shelter, hunting, driving a vehicle, fighting zombies, and helping others, which means that there are a lot of tasks in this game that players have not bored with it.

Many weapons are available in the game to kill zombies and new weapons can be crafted as well as current weapons can be upgraded. The controls given for combat and character movement are quite good and it seems that the control layout is inspired by PUBG mobile.

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This is an online game, due to which this game can be played with friends and new friends can be made from players playing from All Over the World.

Release Date

Currently, the close beta of Dawn Awakening game has been launched in China and only the Chinese language is available in this beta version but after the close beta test of the game its global version can come very soon and this global version will be in the English language. There is no official information about the release date of the global version of the game, but after beta testing, the game will be launched globally very soon.


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