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Kingshunt hack and slash game for PC

Kingshunt hack and slash game for PC (Image credits: Kingshunt)


Kingshunt is a third-person action game. It is an online multiplayer game and this game also comes in the Moba category. The Kingshunt game has been developed by Vaki Games and will also be published by the same company.

This game can be called a modern MOBA game because like a MOBA game, this game also has a 5v5 multiplayer battle. Both teams have 5 teammates who have to kill the opposing team and destroy their towers. If any team destroys all the towers of the opponent, then that team will win the match.

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To make the game interesting, a lot of different characters are found in it. All characters have different abilities with the help of which they can dodge enemies and kill them. Players can choose these characters according to their playing style.

Each of the characters in the game can be upgraded and their skills can also be upgraded and changed. In terms of gameplay, this game does not disappoint because the gameplay of this game is superb. A good strategy with the power of Heroes to defeat the Opponent’s team helps to win the game, and the level of Heroes can be increased by defeating the big monsters in the Arena.


Kingshunt game official trailer has been launched. According to the gameplay shown in the trailer, the graphics of the game are good because the characters and objects in the game have been closely worked, due to which everything appears in detail and colors have been used as much as is necessary according to the concept of this game.

The special feature of the Kingshunt game is that the battle arena given in this game is different from other games in this category because this battle arena is made up of a collapsed building structure in which almost all the structure is broken. The reason for the broken structure can be the story of the game in which Evils and Monsters attack a castle and the entire castle destroys and turns into a battle arena.

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Release Date

Currently, the Kingshunt game will be launched for PC only and there is no official information available about the release date of the game but the release year of the game has been confirmed which is 2021.

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