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PUBG 8.3 Update: Latest Patch Notes

The last 2 updates of PUBG PC have been very good and lots of unique and best features were introduced in those updates. And now PUBG 8.3 update has also been announced.

A lot of new features have been added in PUBG 8.3 update which will increase the experience of playing this game even more. The update of PUBG 8.3 is associated with the update to 8.2. In 8.2 update of PUBG, the dock was set up in some locations in the Erangel map and now in 8.3 update Erangel Ferries is introduced which has connection to dock which means the ship will departure from the dock in update 3.0 and its name is Erangel Ferries.

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Erangel Ferrie

In the Erangel Ferries feature, 4 Ship ferries have been set from Southern Erangel to Sosnovka Island. The ship will play a horn 7 seconds before departing from the dock, on hearing which all the players will become aware, and the players who want to travel in the ship have a chance to board the ship. When the ship reaches its ready destination, it will stop there for 20 seconds. This feature is good for players who feel unlucky to go through the bridge.

Jammer Pack

Another good feature of PUBG 8.3 update is Jammer Pack. Jammer Pack is a boon for those players who lose their lives by getting trapped in the net of the blue zone. Jammer Pack will protect the players from the damage caused by the blue zone. The effect of Jammer Pack will be only for a short time. When the player will equip the Jammer Pack, there will be another energy bar shown on the display when the entire energy of the Jammer Pack will be exhausted, the tan player will also have regular damage in the blue zone.

The Jammer Pack will spawn in the Karakin and Sanhok map in normal and custom matches, along with it will also be obtainable from Sanhok’s Loot Truck.

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Apart from these two big features, other small features have also been added in the 8.3 update, players can join training mode for 30 seconds after matchmaking and increase their skill. Along with that, social features have also been improved in the game.

The PUBG 8.3 update is currently available on PC’s test servers.


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