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PUBG Mobile Return in India

On September 2, the Indian government banned 118 Chinese applications, including PUBG mobile. PUBG mobile was the most favorite game of India and people of India loved to play this game but due to the security of the country, this game was banned. But now there is good news for gamers from India and that good news is PUBG Mobile Return in India.

PUBG mobile is not a Chinese game. PUBG means PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and it is a South Korean video game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. PUBG PC is completely Korean and has nothing to do with China, but with PUBG mobile, the logic is a bit different.

3 versions of PUBG mobile have been launched, the first version of which was the global version of PUBG mobile which was published by Tencent, the second version of PUBG mobile was the Korean version which was published by PUBG corporation and its third version was made by Timi studio Which is another studio of Tencent itself. However, the version with Timi studio could not find its place among the players. Currently, only 2 versions of PUBG Mobile are active, which includes a global version i.e. Tencent and the Korean version.

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Many people believe that all versions of PUBG have been banned in India but this is not the case. In India, only PUBG mobile with Tencent version is banned because only one version of this game is connected to China because Tencent is a Chinese company. That is, PUBG PC, PUBG PC Lite, and PUBG mobile Korean version is still be playable in India.

2 days after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, a report revealed that Tencent company has lost 34 billion due to the ban of this game. This figure of loss is very high because the number of players playing PUBG mobile game in India is very huge. This loss is not only to Tencent but also to PUBG Corporation, the real creator of PUBG.

The market of PUBG mobiles in India is very large and PUBG corporation earns large revenue from India. It is obvious that PUBG corporation will not let go of such a large player base and the revenue coming from them easily, which is why PUBG corporation has released a report in the official website of PUBG recently.

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In the report released regarding the ban of PUBG mobiles in India, it has been mentioned that PUBG corporation respects this decision of the Indian government and keeping in mind the security of the nation and the security of the data of the Indian players. they make a decision that now Tencent will not be authorized to run PUBG Mobile in India.

It was told by PUBG corporation that just like Korea, they will release another version of PUBG which will be India which means another version of PUBG mobile is coming named PUBG India and the servers of this version will be based in India so that Indian players The data will be stored in India instead of any other country so that there will be no threat to India’s security.

The report also said that China will have nothing to do with the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, that is, PUBG corporation will be responsible for the development and publication of the India version of PUBG mobile. The report by PUBG Corporation stated that they will make the game completely under Indian rules and regulations so that players do not face any trouble in the future.

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This report proves that now PUBG Corporation will launch an Indian version of PUBG Mobile with the rules and regulations of India and the publisher will also be named PUBG corporation in this version. There is no official information about the release date of PUBG India, but it is expected that the game will be launched in India soon.

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