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The Fifth Ark Game Coming for Android

The fifth ark game is an online RPG game, besides this game also comes in the category of zombie shooting game. Very soon this game is going to be added to the RPG game race as the beta testing of this game has started.

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The story of this game is similar to other zombies survival games in which an apocalypse came in the world, after that the whole world is changed, the zombies have taken possession everywhere. Zombies have ended the civilization of the entire world and almost the whole world has turned into zombies but there are few people left who are fighting the battle of survival.

Zombies have captured all the space, and the remaining humans have to liberate the areas and zones captured by the zombies and build new societies.


The player who plays the game plays the role of a commando. Who leads the elite force. There is a wide variety of heroes in the game, out of which players can choose any hero. Each hero has its own different abilities. The option to upgrade the characters has also been given so that the character can be made even stronger.

The options of story mode and multiplayer mode are available in this game and due to the game being online, it can also be played with friends. There are many zombies in this game with different categories and the powers of each zombie are different. In the game zombies attack together which makes the game insane.

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The camera angle of this game is topdown so that the game can be played only from the above angle, just like any MOBA games. Despite the Topdown camera angle, the game is fun to play.

Release Date

The beta version of the fifth ark game has been released at the moment, which you can download by searching on Google as this game is not currently available on Google Playstore but iOS users will be able to download it from Appstore. There is currently no official information about the release date of this game, but due to the beta test of the game, it may be released very soon.

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