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Wandavision Series Trailer Breakdown and Release Date

Wandavision Series
Wandavision Series Trailer Breakdown and Release Date (Image credits: Disney/Marvel Studios)

Today, one of Marvel’s most awaited web series trailer of the Wandavision series has been launched. Due to pandemic in the year 2020, it was not expected that something new will be released from Marvel this year but Marvel has brought a web series to please their fans this year.

Wanda’s last scene was shown in the ending of the Avengers Endgame film, in which she looked very sad because Thanos killed Vision in the Avengers Infinity war.

Wanda was sad because Vision had died for her only a few hours ago because the remaining 5 years which spent by the remaining Avengers on the earth had not experienced by Wanda. The story of the Wandavision series will begin after the endgame.

Wandavision Series Trailer

Trailer Breakdown

The scenes depicted in the series’ Trailer were the 1950s and all these events are going on in Wanda’s mind, that is, Wanda is imagining Vision in her mind and all these events are just an imagination. Vision has died in reality, but there will come a time in this series when this imagery of Wanda will start affecting the real world.

All the powers of Wanda in the movies that she got from mind stone have not been explained and it is possible that in this series, the same powers of Wanda are playing with her mind.

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The biggest proof that Wanda’s imagining power will affect the real world is that some characters are shown in the trailer that has no connection with Wanda. As an example, Captain Marvel movie’s Monica Rambeau is going to appear in this web series and Marvel president Kevin Feige confirmed that the events shown in the Wandavision Series will directly affect reality.

The 1950s scene depicted in the trailer of this series tries to look like the same old-fashioned movie in which the Marvel Studio logo is shown in the old style, in addition to the imagery shots are black and white and these shots aspect ratio of 4: 3 is also like 1950s.

The starting shots in the trailer are in black and white and their aspect ratio is also 4: 3 i.e. all these scenes will be imaginary but after 30 seconds the colors start coming back in the trailer and the aspect ratio also starts increasing. It is possible that with the imagination of Wanda, Vision returns to reality and it starts affecting reality.

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Release Date

An important detail regarding the release date of the Wandavision Series has been leaked because the series of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was going to be released first, but due to Pandemic, the shooting of that series was incomplete, that is why it can happen in Disney plus the Wandavision will be the first show to be released by Marvel. According to a rumor, the Wandavision series will be released in December 2020 and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2021.


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