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Clash of Clans: Two New Super Troops and Super Diwali Tournament Coming Soon

Clash of Clans will soon release an update of two new super troops and the Clash of Clans has officially revealed the information of these two super troops, along with that the tournament of Super Diwali is also coming, whose registration will start from tomorrow.

Super Troops

Clash of Clans Super Troops


Clash of Clans currently has a total of 7 super troops including Super Barbarian, Super Archer, Sneaky Goblin, Super Giant, Super Wall Breaker, Inferno Dragon, Super Witch, and the next update will add two other super troupes, which includes Super Valkyrie and Super Minion.

Super Valkyrie

Yesterday Clash of Clans uploaded a post introducing Super Valkyrie on their official Twitter account. Super Valkyrie is a very powerful troop that has the power of Rage. In fact, Super Valkyrie will carry a Rage Spell with her and when she is defeated then the rage spell will fall on the spot where she was defeated, however, that rage spell’s circle will be slightly smaller than the normal rage spell circle.

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Damage per second of Leval 8’s Super Valkyrie is – 300, Hitpoint – 2300, Training Cost – 550 Dark Elixir, Training Time – 3M 45S, Housing Space – 20, Movement Speed ​​- 28, and the cost to convert Normal Valkyrie into Super Valkyrie is 60,000 Dark Elixir.

Super Minion

Recently, information of the Super Minion has also been revealed by Clash of Clans. Super Minion has a barrel filled with rockets and he attacks with the same rockets, but the special thing about Super Minion is that he will hit the first five rockets from a safe distance which is also called long shot and the damage of those five rockets will be more, just like the Minion of builder base.

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Damage per second of Leval 8’s Super Minion is – 375, Hitpoint – 1500, Training Cost – 72 Dark Elixir, Training Time – 18S, Housing Space – 12, Movement Speed ​​- 16, and the cost to convert Normal Minion into Super Minion is 60,000 Dark Elixir.

Clash of Clans Super Diwali Tournament

India’s popular festival Diwali is coming very soon and on this occasion, a video was uploaded in Supercell’s official YouTube channel Clash of Clans India, in which the Super Diwali tournament was announced.

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In this Super Diwali tournament, the top 256 clans of the country will participate and between these clans, there will be an attack and defense, out of which one clan will win the Super Diwali tournament and the clan who wins will get Rs. 2,00,000. Which is a good prize pool.

The registration of Clash of Clans Super Diwali is starting on 12/10/2020.

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