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The Legend of Neverland Game's Close Beta Started for Android & iOS | Genshin Impact Lite

The Legend of Neverland is an open-world MMO RPG game published by SIAMGAME. The environment and animation of this game can be reminiscent of the recently launched game Genshin Impact and this game can also be called Genshin Impact Lite.


The story of this game is associated with a place called Cabala. The meaning of Cabala is open. Cabala is a place where earlier human society lived happily but now this place has changed into hell. It is dangerous to go to Cabala because some adventurer secretly entered that place but none of them returned alive from there so players have to reveal the secrets related to Cabala.


The graphics of The Legend of Neverland game are good and the environment and animation of the game look like Genshin Impact but the graphics and size of this game cannot match the Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact is a heavy game that can run well only on a high-end device, so people who do not have a phone in which Genshin Impact can run smoothly, then those people can play the Legend of Neverland game because the size of this game It is only 500MB and this game can play on all devices, hence it can also be called Genshin Impact Lite.


This game has a lot of characters and will also get multiple class options which include many classes like Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman. Players can switch their class whenever they want, as well as the option of skill tree is also available, in which players can choose the skill tree according to their choice. Players have also been given the support of a special partner in the journey of the game, which is a Flower Fairy.


Like every RPG game, this game also has many customization options in which players can customize the character with their imaginations and create unique beauty.


This is an open-world game in which players can reveal the secrets related to Cabala, along with that the game will also see dangerous realm corridor and ancient barren ruins. A lot of interesting things can be done in the game such as fishing, insect catching, cooking, and mining.

Release Date

The close beta test of The Legend of Neverland game has started, whose test time will be from 9/10 to 14/10. Currently, no information available about the official release date of this game is available but as soon as a new update related to this game comes, we will definitely cover it.

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The Legend of Neverland game is available on Google Play Store.

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