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Games Like Among Us for Android

Currently, a game is being popular among people, whose name is Among Us. Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed and published by an American gaming studio called InnerSloth. The game was launched on the PC, Android & iOS platform in 2018. Today we will tell about some games like Among Us for Android.

Among Us
Games Like Among Us for Android (Image via InnerSloth)

Concept of Among Us Game

The concept of this game is unique in which all the players are in a spaceship and they all have to do different tasks, but among all the players one player is the Impostor whose task is to kill the other players.

If the Impostor kills all the players then he will win the game and if other players in the ship detect that impostor through the conversion or complete all their tasks, the team of crewmates wins the match.

1. Storm Island

Storm Island

In the Storm Island game, 8 players are sent to a deserted island, where they have to explore the island and collect things related to survival.

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Out of 8 players, the objective of 7 players will be to escape from the island but one of them will have the objective to kill all those 7 players. If the killer kills all those players, he will win, and if the survivors escape from the island by making a boat, the survivors will win.

You can download Storm Island game from Tap Tap.

2. Granny’s house

Granny's house

Granny’s house is a real-time PvP game, in which 8 players can play together. Out of 8 players, 2 players will play the role of Granny whose job is to capture the remaining members. If Granny catches all the players and puts them in prison then both of the Granny will win and if the players escape from that place then the players will win the match.

You can download Granny’s house game from Google Playstore.

3. GM Online: Murder Among Us, Hide & Seek, Fall Run

3. GM Online Murder Among Us, Hide & Seek, Fall Run

This game is also based on the same concept in which there is a Murderer between the players and the players have to find that Murderer through the evidence. If a gun or weapon comes in the hands of the Murderer, then he will kill all the players and if the players find out the Murderer then they will win the game.

You can download GM Online: Murder Among Us, Hide & Seek, Fall Run game from Google Playstore.

4. Town of Salem – The Coven

Town of Salem - The Coven

From 7 to 15 players can play in Town of Salem game. In the game, players can become a normal man or a mafia who kills people. The concept of this game is also the same as the Among Us game.

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The player who plays the role of the Murderer in the game will kill the other players in the night by going to the town and after that all players voting in the morning In which the players who get the most votes are considered to be Guilty and that guilty player is sentenced to death. The murderer can also defend himself by going to court.

You can download Town of Salem – The Coven game from Google Playstore.

5. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The gameplay of this game is also exactly like the name in this game. In the game, a player is placed in a room with a live time bomb and if the player does not diffuse the bomb, it can explode. Teammates have a manual to defuse the bomb, but they cannot see that bomb, that’s why teammates talk to the player in the room and guide him to diffuse the bomb.

You can download Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes game from Google Playstore.

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