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Mirzapur 2 Trailer Review

Mirzapur 2
Mirzapur 2 Trailer Review ((Image credits: amazon prime video)

The trailer of Mirzapur 2 has been launched today and currently, the hype of season 2 of this series among fans is very high.

Mirzapur is an original web series of Amazon Prime. The show becomes very popular after its launch and with popularity, the show has also managed to build its huge fan base. The hype of this show is also responsible for the success of Mirzapur, which is attributed to the Indian team of Amazon Prime and this time there is more craze for season 2 than ever before.

The trailer of Mirzapur 2 is wreaking havoc and this trailer serves to take the pre-made hype further. It seems from the trailer that in season 2, the noise of abuse and bullets is going to be very high because both of these things give Mirzapur a different identity. In season 1, the story of two local boys Guddu Pandit and his younger brother Bablu Pandit are shown, in which they become a goon, but in the last episode of season 1, the whole story going to change.

Guddu Pandit is a brain freak and used to keep him in control by Bablu Pandit who died in the last episode due to which there will be no one to control Guddu now and in season 2 he will wreak havoc on the enemies and the example of which appears in the trailer of Mirzapur 2 where Guddu tortures a barber with a hair dryer.

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In season 2, Guddu Pandit will take revenge from Akhanda Tripathi but in the battle of these two, Guddu’s side seemed a bit lighter as Akhanda is Mirzapur’s Bahubali and it will not be easy to compete with him but to balance this thing some new angles have been introduced in the series,

As the CM that was being talked about in season 1, that CM’s face is shown in season 2 i.e. that his character is going to appear in season 2, and on the other side due to U.P.’s election, Akhanda will not be able to fire bullets in openly and the policeman whom he caught in season 1 is alive in season 2 i.e. now he will also take revenge from Akhanda and apart from that we will also get to see the angle of Bahubali in Bihar as well. It seems that all these things will balance this battle.

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Because of so many angles, the story of season 2 will not be simple and anyway, if the story is compiled, then it is fun to watch, for example, it can possible in Mirzapur 2 that there is a fight between Akhanda and Phoolchand i.e. father and son.

If you are a fan of Mirzapur and have not yet seen the trailer of season 2, then definitely watch it because the trailer is absolutely awesome. If we talk about the release date then Mirzapur 2 will be released on Amazon Prime on 23 October.

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