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Timberborn Closed Beta: How to Win Timberborn Closed Beta Key

Timberborn is an upcoming PC game that will launch for Windows and Mac. This is a city-building game developed by Indie game development studio Mechanistry of Poland.

Timberborn Closed Beta
Timberborn Closed Beta: How to Win Timberborn Closed Beta Key (Image source: Timberborn Twitter Handle)

Game Info

The concept of this game is outstanding because it is a city-building game, but Beavers will build that city instead of humans because, under the concept of the game, the selfishness of humanity has ruined this whole world but even in such a situation, many species managed to save themselves, one of which is that of beavers.

Beavers are also good engineers in real life because they like to cut wood and make dams and a similar concept is also available in this game because in the game you can choose colonies of beaver and build your city. All beaver’s families are unique just as one family can work for a long time, the other helps to increase population faster.

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In the game you will find a lot of maps, by choosing any one of which you can start the work of building your city. You can build rivers, dams, and lakes, but modern and strong construction will also require metal for which beavers will have to go to the ruined world to get it. The map given in the game is not infinite ie it has limited space due to which the architecture of the buildings has to be made vertical.

As much as the important city has to be built, equally important is to take care of beavers and keep them happy, that is why you have to take care of the beaver’s routine and diet and also make decorations and templates for them.

According to a city building game, the graphics of this game are good and to make the game realistic, it also has a cycle of day and night, which allows players to connect well with the game and it also increases the gameplay experience.

How to Win Timberborn Closed Beta Key

There is currently no information available about the official release date of the Timberborn game, but rumor has it that the game may be launched in the first Q1 of 2021. However, in the meantime, the company has also announced a closed beta of the game, for access it you will need a key.

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Recently, the beta version of the game was announced on Timberborn’s official Twitter account, for which a key will be provided by the company, to win the key, you have to re-tweet the official tweet given below.

Rules of Contest

To win the closed beta key, you have to re-tweet the above tweet by following the company’s official Twitter account. To participate in the contest, the user can re-tweet with only one account, ie the multiple accounts are not valid. 25 re-tweets were chosen by the company and this election will be done randomly. The winning users will get their keys in 24 hours. All re-tweets will be eligible only when it is posted on 13th December 2020, 23:59 GMT.

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