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Farlight 84 Next Beta Test

Farlight 84 is a mobile battle royal game whose first beta test ends today. The first beta test of the game was released in total 3 countries which included India, Indonesia, and Brazil. As soon as the first beta test is over, a clue has been given for the second beta test of the game by the developers.

The first beta test of Farlight 84 was scheduled to start on 14 January and was to be over on 19 January but due to the increasing player base and increasing popularity of the game, the beta test duration was extended by 2 days i.e the game’s beta test is over today rather than the 19th.

During the beta test, the game received a patch update on the 20th of January, which was 144.26 MB in size and this patch note was issued to resolve the heating issue. With the launch, 40 players could play together in one match of the game, but after the update this limit has been increased to 56, meaning that now 56 players can play together in one match of this game. It is also possible that when this game is launched globally then like other Battle Royal games, in this game too, per match 100 players can able to play together.

Recently the developers have posted a photo on the game’s official Twitter account, which gives clue for the second beta test of Farlight 84 game. The posted photo gives us a lot of hints like it clearly shows April and May written in it, which mean that the game’s second beta test starts in (April) and (May) defines the name of the character that appears in this photo or it can be the reverse.

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In addition to the release date, the character of the girl shown in the photo can also be included in the next beta test, and it may be that the poster in the background shows the upcoming modes and content of the game.

Currently, no information is available regarding the release date of the game as developers have officially confirmed that the second beta test of the game is about to arrive which can be guessed that the second beta test of Farlight 84 game will come in the second quarter of 2021 and the game may be released in the third quarter of 2021.

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