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Our Planet: New Game Coming to Android and iOS, Mobile Version of No Man's Sky

Our Planet is an online Action-Advantage game that is coming soon for Android and iOS. This game is being developed by the Chinese game development company, which we can also call the mobile version of the popular game No Man’s Sky.


Our Planet is a very big open-world game because this game is based on a galaxy called Beja and like every galaxy, Beja also has many planets. You can explore this vast universe of the game without any limitation and this exploration will be unlimited because there are so many planets in the game which will be difficult to count.

In this game, you can explore different planets from your spaceship. All the planets of Beja Galaxy are different from each other and their size and shape are also different, in which you will also see endless alien creatures. Some planets will be barren and some will be public planets in which you can make your own base on your own free will.

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The game features story and survival modes in which you can survive by collecting minerals and resources from the planets, build permanent homes on your favorite planets, upgrade ships, fight enemies and enjoy never-ending space exploration.

You are not alone in the Endless Universe of this game, being an online game, players of All Over the World can play together, in this journey of Cosmic Citizen Project, you will get many new players and you can make these players your friends and you can also visit the new Planet discovered through your friends or invite your friends to any Planet.

We can see all these features of our Planet game also in No Man’s Sky game, that’s why our Planet game is called the mobile version of No Man’s Sky, then there will be nothing wrong in it.

Our Planet Mobile Game Release Date

The first beta of this game came out some time ago which is currently over and you can watch many gameplay videos of this game on Youtube currently, there is no official information available about the release date of the game but its pre-registration has started

You can Pre-Register Our Planet game from Tap Tap.

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