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New Superstar Macho Man Randy Savage is coming to the Next Update of WWE Undefeated

Fans of WWE Undefeated have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming update of the game because ever since the game has been launched, nothing new has come in addition to the new superstars, due to which players now feel boring by playing this game.

Currently, players are waiting for such updates which may have some new features or modes, but whether the players’ desire will be fulfilled in the upcoming update of the game or not, the answer to this question will be found in this article.

Like every update, a new superstar will also be seen in the next update of the game which is Macho Man Randy Savage. Although the fans were expecting that Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar would be introduced in the game in the upcoming update, but nothing happened, and also no information was revealed about when all these superstars will be included in the game.

Like every update of the game, fans will not get anything other than a new superstar in this update, due to which players who play the game regularly will be unhappy. Despite all the problems, the players have a reason that they can be happy and that reason is Mankind ie superstar Mick Foley.

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If you like Mankind and have not made a purchase yet, then this superstar is going to be included in the free box of league 3, which means you can get Mick Foley for free very soon. According to sources, Mankind can be acquired from the free box of League 3 on 26 February.

Although the next update of the WWE Undefeated game will not have anything other than the new character, but if you are a fan of Macho Man Randy Savage, then this update of the game can be launched on March 26 i.e. this week Friday.

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