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Undawn by Tencent is Coming Soon for Android and iOS

Undawn is an upcoming zombie survival game that will be launched for Android and iOS. This game is being created by Tencent, the popular developer of the mobile gaming industry.

Modern era is of multiplayer games in which players play with each other and also compete with each other. Online multiplayer games have become popular in mobile too with PC, in which many games like Clash of Clans have contributed but this trend reached its peak level when PUBG mobile was launched in 2017. You will be happy to know that the Undawn game is also being made by the same developer team who created PUBG Mobile.

Graphics vice Undawn game would be stunning because the developers of this game are Tencent and now the level of gaming on the mobile platform is increasing and the proof of which has been given by many high graphics game, which include games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile. While playing these powerful heavy games, you will forget that it is a mobile game because the graphics of these games are so good that they can be compared with the console as well.

Undawn Game Features

If you have played the LifeAfter game of NetEase, a big game developer from China, then you will also be able to understand Tencent’s Undawn game very well. The Undawn game is based on post-apocalyptic, meaning that you will encounter dangerous zombies in the game. The story of most such games is also similar, in which a virus becomes hell for mankind because people become zombies due to that virus, due to which the entire human race is destroyed.

The game will also support the co-op mode in which you can play the game with your friends and the game can also be played with other online survivers. The fun of playing such games comes only with friends and you will be able to enjoy this fun in this game.

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Your main goal in this game is survival, for which you will have to go through the remaining resources. To stay alive you will have to find different sources of food, create a good and safe shelter to live, forge different weapons to deal with zombies, and trade with other players to get money or goods.

These types of games are endless, as this game will never end and their new seasons keep coming, which is useful to keep the interest of the players in the game. This is the second game being made by Tencent which is based on post-apocalyptic because even before this game, Tencent has announced a game based on the same concept called Dawn Awakening. Dawn Awakening game is the younger brother of LifeAfter game because both these games are set on the same concept and people have given positive feedback to it by playing its beta test.

Undawn Game Release Date

Undawn game is currently under development and no information has been received from the developer about its release date. We can guess that the game of Dawn Awakening was revealed in 2019 but that game has not been launched yet and according to sources the Dawn Awakening game will be released in 2022 from which we can guess that Undawn game will not come before 2022.

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