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Sweet Tooth Trailer Breakdown

The trailer of Netflix’s upcoming web series Sweet Tooth has been launched. This series is adopted from the DC Comic Book. Earlier this series was to be launched by Hulu but then Netflix bought the rights to this series.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is directed by Marvel’s Iron Man ie (Robert Downey, Jr.) and his wife Susan Downey. Like most of Netflix’s web series, this series will also have a total of 8 episodes in its first season. The Sweet Tooth series will be released on Netflix on 4 June 2021.

The Sweet Tooth comic book has a total of 7 volumes and 52 issues. The story was ended perfectly in this comic book.

Many changes have been made in this web series even after the adaptation from the comic book, and this change is necessary because if no change will be made, those who read the comic book will not get to see anything new in the series.

At the starting of the trailer, we hear the narration of someone and the story is told through this narration. In this story, we see a future in which the world is ruined. In the next scene, we see an unknown character walking and that character could be Tommy Jepperd.

In the next scene, we see hybrid children who look like half-human beings and half animals. Out of all the hybrid children shown, one child is special and his named Gus, and the character of Gus is played by Christian Convery. Gus is Sweet Tooth and Tommy Jepperd gave this name to Gus because Gus loves chocolate.

According to the story, a deadly virus has spread in the world, due to which the human population begins to be destroyed. No one knows how to destroy this virus and what is the cure of the virus. According to the story, when Gus was younger, his father hid in the forest with him so that he could avoid the hunter of hybrid children.

Gus and Jepperd will have the same aim in the series that they have to go to a safe place where humans and hybrids live together and that place is named Preserve. The purpose of creating the Preserve was to protect the Hybrid children from General Steven and his hunters because General Steven is the one who wants to catch the Hybrids.

Overall, this series will be different from its comic book issue, due to which people who have read the comic book can also watch the series without any spoilers.

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