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Top 5 Beta Version Android Games Not Available on Google Playstore

All 5 games included in this list are in the beta phase, but currently, you will not get to see it on Google Playstore. You will be able to download all the games from Tap Tap Store and you will not need any VPN to play all these games.

5. Infinite Lagrange

This game is based on space and this game has been created by the popular game development studio NetEase. If you like to play space-related games then this game is for you. This game has been made by inspired from EVE Online game, due to which if you are aware of EVE Online game, then this game will also look familiar to you. Currently, the size of this game is 1.38 GB.

You can download Infinite Lagrange game from Tap Tap.

4. Project Racer

Project Racer is a racing caterogy game and the size of this game is only 185.56 MB. This game has been developed by Pracergames. There will be 15 racing tracks in the game, different seasons will be seen, the car can be customized well.

You can download Project Racer game from Tap Tap.

3. Survival At Gunpoint

It is a zombie shooter game and the game has been developed by a company called 37games. The size of this game is also very low because you can download this game in just 302.77 MB. The graphics of the game are good but you will get to see this game with a top-down view instead of 3D.

You can download Survival At Gunpoint game from Tap Tap.

2. Kingdom Jump

This is an adventure category game and this game has been created by Pineapple Studios LTD. The size of this game is 300 MB, which is a good thing. In this game, you can swing, jump, and fight, as well as the feature of real-time pvp is also available in the game.

You can download Kingdom Jump game from Tap Tap.

1. Naruto: SlugfestX

This is an action-adventure category game in which you will also get to see the RPG element. This game has been developed by Game Samba but you will have to spend 1.99 GB of data to download this game. The game is completely 3D, in which many playable characters are seen.

You can download Naruto: SlugfestX game from Tap Tap.

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