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Black Panther Wakanda Forever: First Look of Villain

Do you know that when Black Panther 2 was announced, the option of 2 villains was kept in that film which included Doctor Doom and Namor but now there will be only one villain in this film.

Doctor Doom cannot come as a villain in this film as he will be shown first in Fantastic Four and the Fantastic Four film will come after Black Panther Wakanda Forever. According to the comic book, there has been animosity between Wakanda and Atlantis, but Namor is not shown as a complete supervillain in that battle.

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According to the animated series, another character wants to rule Atlantis, whose name is Attuma. According to the theory, it may be that Attuma has made such a plan according to which there will be a fight between Black Panther and Namor and if Namor is defeated in that fight then Attuma can rule over Atlantis.

According to the theory, it may also happen that in this movie we can see the past in which the secret of the war between Wakanda and Atlantis will be revealed. Wakanda is very powerful but Namor’s power is also very high because Namor is half mutant and half Atlantian, due to which he is more powerful.

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If we talk about Namor’s power, then he can talk to all the creatures present in the sea and can also control them, just like Aquaman. He can also fly in the air by changing the environment around him. Namor is as powerful on land as he is in water which means fighting with Namor is a difficult task.

A question arises that who will lead Wakanda’s army? However, some names are currently in discussion for this post, which includes Shuri, M’Baku, and Erik Killmonger.

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