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Can Everyone Download and Play PUBG New State Alpha?

Finally, the alpha test of PUBG New State, the advanced version of mobile gamers’ favorite game PUBG Mobile, has gone live and along with it, some questions have also gone live in the mind of the players that how to download this game? And can everyone play this game? If you also want to know the answers to these questions, then this article is for you.

Can Everyone Download PUBG New State?

The alpha test of PUBG New State has been live for only one country which is the USA. If you live in the USA and you had applied for the alpha test of the game then only you will be able to play this game without any problem. However, currently, PUBG New State is also listed in the Tap Tap where everyone can download this game.

Can this Game be Played in Other Countries?

This game has been launched only for the USA, in which only a limited number of people have been given a chance to play the alpha test of the game i.e. this game will run only in the USA without any ping or server issue. If you live in other countries then you can run this game with the help of VPN but with that you will also have to face high ping and server problems.


If you live in the USA and you have got access to the alpha test of the game officially then you can enjoy the game but if you try to play the game from other countries then your id may be banned because it has been officially confirmed that if someone plays the game unofficially with the help of VPN, then his id can be banned forever.

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