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Future of PC Gaming With Windows 11

The future of Windows OS is going to be launched in a few days, that is, we are going to know about what will be the next Windows and what will be its specialty in a few days. Currently a developer preview of Windows 11 or upcoming windows has gone viral due to which people are downloading this preview and trying to get the experience of that windows but should you download that preview of Windows 11?

On 24th June, Microfost has organized a grand conference in which full information will be given about the future of Windows and perhaps this is the reason why this preview of Windows 11 has come. It is very easy to do modding on Microsoft Windows and there are many modified versions of windows available at the moment, so it may happen that this viral Windows 11 preview is actually a modified version of Windows 10.

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After the launch of Windows 10, it was confirmed that Windows 10 will be the last windows and only Windows 10 will be upgraded in the future, that is, Windows 11 will not come in the future, which increases the possibility that this preview of Windows 11 is modded.

There is no doubt that the future of gaming is very bright on PC and maybe in the upcoming Windows we will be able to run all Android applications and games directly without any emulator. Due to these features of the upcoming Windows, gamers are downloading and installing this preview of Windows 11, but there is no confirmation that this preview is of official Windows.

It may happen that if you download this preview of Windows 11, then you will get into a lot of trouble and virus may also come in your PC. We would advise you that you should not download this preview at all because due to this your personal data may be affected, due to which you may have to bear a huge loss.

PC Gaming Future With Upcoming Windows

Right now it is happening that every year a lot of advancement is happening in PC hardware for gaming. To run the latest high graphics games, manufacturers have to make memory with higher bandwidth, more high-frequency processors and graphics cards, but after the arrival of next windows this problem of high hardware will be reduced.

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According to rumors, you will not need as much hardware power in the upcoming Windows as is being needed in the current version of Windows, that is, in Next WIndows you will be able to do good gaming even with minimalistic hardware. If this happens then it will be a huge revolution in the gaming world.

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