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Loki: Episode 3 Major Updates, Secret Cameo and Everything You Need to Know

The second episode of Loki was very thrilling and full of surprises and fans have become more surprised than TVA’s members after the timeline break in the second episode. Right now the audience is eager to know what will happen next but for that we will have to wait for episode 3.

However, by watching carefully the trailers of the series, we can guess what is going to happen in the third episode of the series. First of all we understand that where Loki and its variant have gone? The answer is that both of them must have gone to the same place which is going to be destroyed because if you have seen the first trailer of Loki then you will know that there was a place shown in that trailer in which Loki and female Loki were sitting and that place could be Vormir.

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Female Loki has such a device, with the help of which she can do time travel and Loki has found out that female Loki only goes to the place which is about to be destroyed. Female Loki does not follow the rules of TVA and she has already broken the timeline but if TVA catches Female Loki then TVA will remove Female Loki from reality, to avoid this female Loki’s plan is to create a multiverse.

Female Loki has opened the multiverse in episode 2, after which TVA will now remain engrossed in the multiverse and will not have enough time to catch female Loki. In episode 2 Loki has escaped from TVA’s captivity, but it is also possible that TVA has installed a device on the Loki, with the help of which TVA can easily track Loki and with the help of Loki, they might even be able to catch the female Loki.

It is confirmed that in the upcoming episodes of Loki, we will get to see a cameo that will surprise us, so it may happen that we will get to see a cameo of Thor and it may also happen that the cameo is of a female Thor who belongs to an alternate reality.

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In the upcoming episodes of the series, we will also be shown Asgard scenes because in the trailer we have been shown the scene in which Loki is the king of Asgard.

Recently Tom Hiddleston was asked about his favorite episode, to which he gave his response and said that he likes episode 4 and episode 5 the most, that is, it is sure that these two episodes of the series are going to be special.

In the second episode, it was being discussed between Loki and agent Mobius whether timekeepers are good or bad and from that conversation, it seems that agent Mobius will also do research on TVA and find out what is their motive.

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