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Is the Player Card in the Battle Pass of Valorant's Episod 3 Giving Hints of the New Map?

Players who closely follow Valorant have been constantly getting details and leaks about things to come in the game from various sources for the past few days and now according to a theory, a hint of the new map coming to the game has been given through the Battle Pass of Episode 3.

Valorant Episod 3
Image via Riot Games

Actually, whenever the developers are going to bring a new map in Valorant, then they set the hint of that map in the player cards of the Battle Pass. However, this theory is not baseless because such an incident has happened in the past. When the Breeze map was about to come in the game, the developers had given a hint of the Breeze map and now the same incident is going to happen once again.

Actually this theory is born when the player card of Tier-42 of Episode 3 is revealed in the testing grounds of the game. The player card of Tier-42 is different from all other cards because in that card we get to see a location.

In the above image, many things can be seen together. If you look at this image carefully, then this image is divided into 2 parts, in which the front part of the wall is filled with desert and dry and the greenery is visible in the back part of the wall and these two parts together create the complete location. Which can be the upcoming map of the game.

Because at present there is no official confirmation of this thing, that’s why it can be seen as a theory at the moment, but if you want to stay updated with similar news related to Valorant then you can subscribe to our blog.

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