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Boundary FPS Space Shooter Game Full Details

The Boundary game was announced last year. The concept of this game is very rare and these types of games are very rarely developed. This whole game is based on space and you have to fight in open space. This is a first-person shooter game, due to which you will get to see a lot of guns in this game.


In this game, you will not get to see the story because it will be an online multiplayer game, and in the game, you can fight in multiple space locations and apart from that you will also get to see the International Space Station. Ever since the announcement of this game, the fans have been quite impressed due to the unique concept and gameplay of this game. The work of making this game unique is done by the astronomical space fight.

In the game, you have to fight in zero gravity, for which you will have many guns and different types of weapons. Your fight in space will be with other astronomers, which seems quite interesting.


Because you have to fight in zero gravity, that’s why this scenario becomes very dangerous because you will not be able to predict at all from which direction your enemy will come in zero gravity. The sound of the guns present in the game is going to be very funny but this sound will be very less due to the vacuum in space.

Due to the zero gravity, you can technically move in any direction, although your suit and backpack will help you to change direction and control the movement.


Talking about the modes of the game, at present, many different modes will be seen in the game.

Team Deathmatch Mode

This mode is also seen in most FPS games nowadays, but the fun of playing deathmatch in zero gravity will be different. In this mode, the team that kills more wins, and most players like to play this type of mode more.

Skirmish Mode

In this mode, both teams will have the same weapons, and the team that earns more points using the same weapon will win. You also get to see this mode in many modern multiplayer games.

Facility Capture Mode

In this mode, you have to capture and hold a particular location for a particular time. We have already seen this type of mode in many FPS games, so this mode will not seem new to you at all.

Team size

If we talk about the team size, then in this game you will get to see the team size of 3v3 and 5v5, although in most of the games you get to see the option of 4v4 but in this game, the option of 4v4 is not available.

Guns and Customization

Being an online multiplayer game, you will get to see a lot of guns in this game and you can also customize those guns as well as upgrade your suit in the game. In this game, you will also get to see different operators, as are seen in Call of Duty and Rambo Six Siege games. The 6 operators present in the game have their own different abilities and you can choose any operator according to your strategy.

Boundary Game Release Date

If we talk about the release date, then this game should have been released by now but due to Pandemic the developers could not do full fladge work on the development of this game, that is why this game is still not launched. Although the release date of the game has not been revealed at the moment, but it looks like the Boundary game will be released by the end of this year.

If you want to know more information related to the game, then you can visit the official Steam page of the game.

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