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Minecraft Top 5 Addons in 2021

Minecraft is a very popular video game and even if you do not play games, you must have heard about Minecraft. Although Minecraft is a popular game, its addons work to make this game even more popular. In this article, we have covered the top 5 addons for Minecraft, by playing which you can enjoy the game more.

1. Instant Builds Mod

Instant Builds

This is a mod that will be very much liked by the players playing in survival mode. With the help of Instant Builds mod, you can build very large structures in Minecraft very easily and very quickly. This mod works just as magically and can be used to create instant structures anywhere. In just a few minutes you can craft your best survival world.

2. Airliner Mod


Airliner is a great mod and you must have come to know from the name of this mod that the aircraft will be seen in it. Actually, in this mod you will get to see a big Boeing (700 – 737) airplane. You will be able to drive this big plane easily and the sound of this plane is also very realistic. If you want, you can also craft this airplane in survival mode and this addon will make your journey easier in survival mode.

3. Astrocraft Mod


Till now you were only the king of the land of Minecraft but now you can also go to the space of Minecraft and do space travel with the help of this Astrocraft mod. In this mod you will get to see a very powerful rocket and with the help of this rocket, you can go to space. By going to space, you can also visit all the planets, which is an amazing thing.

4. Working TV Mod

Working TV

Working TV is another modern mod with the help of which you can make a working TV. You can set up this TV anywhere and to turn on this TV, you just have to tap on the TV once. Let us tell you that you can watch many channels on this TV, which quality is also good.

5. Ether Portal Mod

Ether Portal

If we talk about dimensions, then in Minecraft you will get to see total three dimensions, but with the help of Ether Portals mod you can open the fourth dimension. We can confidently say that you will love this mod very much. With the help of this mod you can explore vast variety and in this mod you will get to see many different mobs and bosses.

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