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Apex Legends Season 11 All Characters Buffs and Nerfs

The upcoming season 11 of Apex Legends is about to come very soon and it is a matter of happiness for the players because season 11 will be one of the biggest season in the history of Apex Legends. In season 11, we will get to see a lot of content along with character adjustments and in this article, we will tell you about all the character’s buffs and nerfs which will be done in season 11.

The buffs and nerfs of some characters mentioned in this article have been confirmed by the developers and the details of buffs and nerfs of other characters have been given on the basis of news and predictions. If we talk about the release date, then it is expected that season 11 may release on November 2, although at the moment there is no confirmation that the characters buff and nerfs will be applied at the beginning of season 11 or in the middle of season 11.


In season 11, changes will be made in the passive of the Pathfinder. You must know this thing that Pathfinder did not have any unique passive for a very long time but now this scene is going to change.

In Season 11, Pathfinder will be given a passive, using which whenever he scans the beacon, Its ultimate cool downtime will be reduced by 10 seconds. Let us tell you that this passive will be given to Pathfinder only for a short time i.e. it will be temporary. However, if you like Pathfinder then you do not need to be sad because in the future Pathfinder will be given a permanent passive.


We may get to see Wattson’s buff in season 11. If you have used Wattson then you must have felt that Wattson’s win rate is high but her pick rate is low. In this situation, it will not be easy for the developer to buff Wattson because Wattson’s win rate is already high and if the developer buffs Wattson then her win rate can reach extreme, i.e. Wattson may be overpowered.


Crypto is a Recon legend and if you use this legend then you will be aware that the peak rate of Crypto is very low due to which players have a lot of trouble in playing with Crypto. Respawn’s balance designer Jay Biebs said in a recent interview that keeping in mind the low pick rate of crypto, crypto will be improved.

Actually, according to Jay Biebs, crypto mode and drone mode will be streamlined due to which you will get to see a balance in the crypto character. It is clear from Jay Biebs’ statement that Crypto is going to get buff in season 11.


In season 11, Bangalore may be buffed as she is a scanning character which can make her an easy target in smoke which can prove to be a disadvantage for the players.


Gibraltar may not prove to be that lucky in season 11 as Gibraltar may get nerf in season 11. Gibraltar has many abilities that make him more like a tank.


If we talk about Bloodhound, then in season 11, Bloodhound can get nerf because he is a wall hacks legend and he can overshadow the other characters because of his powerful ability.


Revenant’s Ultimate has faced a lot of nerfs in the last few updates and may get nerfs in season 11 as well. However, Revenant’s reduced power from Ultimate can be transferred to his Tactical or Passive.


When Octane was released, he became a favorite of all players because at that time he was a very powerful character, although Octane has been balanced but this character needs a little more balance, that’s why we think that Octane is going to get nerf in season 11.

Apart from the legends listed above, other legends may be untouched in season 11.

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