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Clash Royale Season 29: Latest News and Hints

In this article, we will give you information about the latest hints of Clash Royale as well as predict what changes can happen in season 29.

At the moment, Clash Royale has got some latest updates, looking at which we can predict what can be new in Season 29. If you play Clash Royale regularly then you would know that recently a new update has come in Clash Royale called Slash Royale.

We got this update in the middle of season 28 which is surprising. Actually, under Slash Royale, we have got to see a huge 50% discount on Gold, which means that the upgrading cost of any cards under this discount will be halved.

Due to the discount, you will need less gold to upgrade the cards, due to which you can upgrade all your cards much faster.

Apart from the discount in gold, Clash Royale has also arranged to earn more gold faster, for which the Gold Rush event has also been started in the game. When you battle during the Gold Rush event, you will get a lot of gold according to your arena, which you can see in the photo above.

It is clear from the Slash Royale and Gold Rush events that at the moment Clash Royale wants all players to upgrade their cards quickly. You must be wondering why Clash Royale wants all the players to upgrade their cards quickly? The answer to this question is season 29.

Looking at the Slash Royale and Gold Rush events, we can predict 2 theories.

The first theory is that maybe in season 29 we can get to see a new level of cards which will be level 14.

According to the second theory, some such event may come in season 29, in which only level 13 players will be able to participate.

Friends, what is your opinion about these two theories? Do tell by commenting in the comment box below.

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