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Apex Legends Storm Point All Important Locations

Players who have been playing Apex Legends for a long time will be desperate for the next season of the game, “Escape”, because in Escape players will get a brand new map called Storm Point.

Recently, the trailer of the upcoming new map Storm Point was released on the official social media handles of Apex Legends. Storm Point is a big and tremendous map in which we get to see tremendous beauty and detailing. Massive trees are seen in the new map, which together with large lakes form a beautiful view.

Big mountains, caves, massive trees, beautiful lakes, big flowers, sparkling lightning, and storm clouds, Storm Point Map has everything we could expect from a beautiful map. After seeing the preview and trailer of the map, you will have very excited about this map, that is why in this article we will tell you about some such locations on the Storm Point map, which is very important for you to know.

In the minimap of Storm Point given above, you can clearly see that we may face some difficulty in the lower part of Storm Point because we get to see a lot of open space in the lower part of the map which is not a good thing for players. The amount of water present in the lower part of the map can also create problems for the players.

Along with the difficult places, we will also get to see many such places in this map which will be quite popular among the players.


There is a huge space in Barometer and this place looks very beautiful also. Barometer is a beautiful and big island that will attract a lot of players. Due to the large space, you will get to see very good loot also on the barometer and one special thing is that Gravity Cannons have also been deployed at this place so that the players can have a lot of fun too.


Checkpoint is also going to be very important place of this new map. This place is completely surrounded by mountains and big trees. This place is also looking very complicated and big, due to which this place can also be the favorite of the players.

Cenote Cave

This cave is very grand, in which the natural element is in large quantity. We get to see a little less modern structures in this location, but this place can prove to be very good for players who want to avoid too much action. Due to being isolated, the number of players will be seen a little less at this place.

Apart from these three places, there are very good locations in the Storm Point map, which you will be able to see in the above mini-map, but according to us, Barometer, Checkpoint, and Cenote Cave are such places which will attract the players and these places is also going to be the favorite place of the players. If you want to see the available images of all the locations of Storm Map, then you can see in the above tweet post.

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