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Free Fire: Which Pet is Best in Diwali Event 2021

Currently, the Diwali event is going on in Free Fire, in which many rewards are being given to the players for free. 5 Pets is also included in the list of free rewards of Diwali event, which many players are very excited about. Actually, players can choose any one pet out of 5 pet, due to which many players are confused as to which pet they should choose. In this article, we will solve your confusion and tell you which pet can prove to be perfect for you.

5 pets have been added to Diwali Event which includes Panda, Robo, Shiba, Ottero, and Rockie pet. Complete information about the ability of all these pets is given below.

1. Panda Pet

The special thing about this pet is that when you eliminate any players during the match, then due to the ability of this pet you will get 10HP, that is, you will get 10HP after eliminating every single player. However, you will get 10 HP only when your pet is of max level.

2. Robo Pet

This pet is very helpful for defense. When the level of this pet is maxed, then this pet will create a shield in front of your glue wall, which will require 100 damages to break the shield.

3. Shiba Pet

The special thing about this pet is that when you max the level of this pet, it will mark the location of all the mushrooms present in the map, due to which you can find mushrooms very easily.

4. Ottero Pet

The specialty of max-level Ottero pet is that when you use a treatment gun or medkit, your EP will also be restored by 65%.

5. Rockie Pet

The ability of max-level Rockie Pet is that it reduces the cooldown time of characters by 15%. If you keep changing characters often then this pet is useful for you.

Best Pet

If we talk about the best pet out of these 5 pets, then it is Panda Pet. Actually, Panda pet’s ability is very useful and valuable too. When you’re fighting enemies during a match, sometimes 10HP of extra health can save you from getting knocked out. If you do not already have a Panda pet, then Panda pet will prove to be the best for you.

If you already have Panda pet then you can also choose Ottero Pet because when you use Medkits with this pet, along with health your 65% EP will also be restored.

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