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Army of Thieves Review

Have you seen the movie Army of Dead starring Dave Batista? If your answer is yes, then you must also know about Army of Thieves. If you do not know about Army of Thieves, then we would have told you that this film is a prequel to Army of Dead, in which we will see Matthias Schweighöfer in the lead role.

Matthias Schweighöfer is the same person who played the role of Ludwig Dieter in Army of Dead. Army of Dead was a great film in which we got to see a good dose of entertainment but has Army of Thieves film also been able to entertain us on the same level as the entertainment we got to see in Army of Dead? The answer to this question is “No”.

The story of Army of Thieves is set before the Army of Dead, in which a person named Hans Wagner has made 4 such safes that are very difficult to crack. Out of 4 safes, one safe is thrown into the water but the remaining 3 safes are kept at different places in Europe. To crack all three safes and steal money from it, a character named Gwendoline foams a team and Ludwig Dieter also joins that team. Will this army of thieves be able to crack these three safes? you will have to watch Army of Thieves to know.

You can watch the Army of Thieves movie on Netflix, the good thing is that this film has been released in English as well as Hindi. The length of this film is about 127 minutes.

Although the film Army of Thieves seems a bit dull compared to Army of Dead, but there are many positive points in this film that make this film worth watching. The way of stealing in this film is quite stylish and good, apart from that the biggest USP of this film is its safe creaking scenes.

Actually, Ludwig Dieter was taken in this army of Thieves so that he could open all three safes and you will enjoy watching all those scenes when Ludwig Dieter is opening the safe. Actually, the character of Ludwig Dieter gives life to this film because he loves to crack the safe and when he is cracking the safe, he gets lost in a different world and we can feel his enjoyment very well.

This movie is full of many emotions but the way all those emotions are presented to us is amazing. The cinematography of the film is good, which is another strong point of this film.

If we talk about the negative points, then the biggest negative point of this film is the story of this film because the kind of story we have been shown in this film, we have already seen that type of story in many films and web series. In this film, we get to see very little twist and turn, due to which we can easily predict what is going to happen next in the story.

Overall this is an above-average film which you can definitely watch once for the entertainment and the tremendous acting of Matthias Schweighöfer. If you have seen this film, then definitely tell about your favorite part of the film by commenting below in the comment box.

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